Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Problems On Your Street? Don't Be Silent

A timely reminder from a reader to other residents:

"We live in the 900 block of Lakeside Place. We are not unaware of the shootings and other gang activity in the neighborhood. Twice this week, and it is only Tuesday, we have had groups of people sitting on our wall smoking pot and generally making a nuisance. Both times we called police. Both times they came, relatively quickly, and both times they thanked us for calling them.

They implored everyone who has a problem with loitering, smoking pot in your front yard, noise, etc to call the police. If we want to help make our neighborhood safer, increase property values and overall a nicer place to live, we all have a responsibility to call the police AND continually make it known to our Alderman, James Cappleman, that this is a different era from Mary Ann Smith and Helen Shiller. We expect some balance brought into our neighborhood. And the neighborhood to be made safer and cleaner and develop the ability to attract more retail and restaurants.

Don't be silent."

This reader makes a good point.  Remember that people who are doing shady things will seek out a place where there aren't eyes on the street, where the cops aren't called, where no one confronts them.  On the streets, silence equates approval.


  1. Did you call 911 or 311? Or another number?

  2. I was out there last night at around 9pm, and called the Commander to report it. Both the Commander and I have noticed a trend of this type of behavior and a plan is being formulated to address it. We will know the plan is working when the issue dies down.

    On a side note, I've observed that as we address problems in one area, the issues go to another area. That means we keep staying on top of it to make it uncomfortable for the few who cause problems in this community.

    Please keep calling 911. Your call not only helps to get police on the scene, but it sends a notice that more consistent attention is needed. It goes without saying that I encourage everyone to attend their local CAPS Beat meetings.

  3. How about the group of people loitering, drinking and drugging for years just West of the train station on Wilson across from Truman College. I have called 911 & the Alderman. Their responce is they are working on the problem and they are aware of it. I guess they have special privilege loitering permits because nothing is ever done.

  4. Hey Nick, nobody likes it but loitering is not against the law. Dealing drugs. drinking alchohol and aggressive panhandling are against the law, however and I would encourage you to keep calling 911 when you see this behavior.

  5. Cappleman chased by knife wielding Maniac!

    Here's the link to the Sun Times story.

    Sorry for my overwrought opening sentence. I'm channeling my inner NYC tabloid!

    If Cappleman keeps doing this he's going to lose the crazy mentally ill lady vote.

    He'll have my crazy mentally ill laddy perhaps it will balance out. The yin and the yang of nuttiness. The alpha and omega of wackiness.