Wednesday, August 1, 2012

It Happened At The Spot

With tonight being the last night for The Spot, closing after seven years in Uptown, a remembrance of one of our favorite nights there.   It happened just about a year ago.  Best of luck to the owners and staff of The Spot.   It's been a pleasure having you here.


  1. This boils down to poor management. I know two people who have tried to host events there, one in particular that would've helped bring a lot of business in, and the reality is that management is just completely clueless on how to work with people and make deals.

    Here's hoping we'll get a better bar at that location!

  2. The closing party was still going at 6am when I walked by. The Spot suffered from a severe case of identity crisis. Was it a restaurant, bar, club, music venue? Hopefully whoever fills the space has a clearer vision.

  3. it happened at the spot! yes! i took that video! what a beautiful target in the background.

  4. The only thing that dance party actually had to do with The Spot was that it was in front of it. My guess is the people that were dancing were from that small church near The Spot that operates out of the store front. I know they hold sermons there late at nights on the weekend, because I have drunkenly stumbled in there while leaving The Spot to see what the hell was going on in there. Hence the nice church clothes that the dancing people are wearing. So nothing really to do with that place.

    While it is sad to see them leave, The Spot was mediocre at best. I agree with previous comments of being confused as to what type of business they were trying to run. Since I have been there for both dinner and drinks. Both of which were ok, but I never felt the urge to go hang out there too much. They really needed to find their niche and stick with it.

    I also agree that we need more bar selections in da hood. Whenever I have gone to a show at the Riv or Aragon and we have gone out to either Fat Cat or the Uptown Lounge after, it is always super packed and the price gouging is in full swing. If we truly are going to try and be the music entertainment area of the city. Then we need everything associated with it. That would include more bars that are decent to serve the masses both before and after.