Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Cultural Plan Still Has Uptown In Its Sights

According to this article, the City of Chicago's Cultural Plan still has an Uptown Entertainment District on its mind:

"Last night, the Chicago Chapter of the Recording Academy held a Grammy Town Hall meeting for its members at Hotel Sofitel in downtown Chicago. The keynote speakers at the event were Michelle Boone, Commissioner of the City of Chicago’s Department of Cultural Affairs and Special Events (DCASE) and Deputy Commissioner Angel Ysaguirre, who were present to discuss the city’s Chicago Cultural Plan which has been in development since February of 2012. [...] 

The discussion of the plan focused on music with Deputy Commissioner Ysaguirre explaining ... that there is a focus on the Uptown neighborhood to create a live music hub and he has been in discussion with Jam Productions to rehab the Uptown Theater."

Sounds very promising. Fingers crossed something concrete comes out of this. The entire article is here.


  1. I was under impression that financing for the Uptown rehab was a done deal.. Thought they had about $70 mil. raised and work was to start in the next 2 years. Am I wrong?

  2. Has there been any official show of support from the neighborhood? Might be a good Cappleman initiative to start and cosponsor with other Alderman. Maybe a petition of Uptown locals and business who support this. I know it sounds obvious but official, signed support from the people who live in the hood couldn't hurt.

  3. Ok.....still waiting to hear something....anything....little tidbit on what beside the Uptown theatre renovation is part of the vision.

    We have a precedent. The Theatre Distict downtown was articulatedin the 1986 Plan. Then it happened and after work hours in the Loop has been transformed.

    The "Uptown Music Disrict" is unmentioned, blown-off, call it what you want.

    Should we hold our own "Uptown Cultural Plan 2012"?

    Seriously...who else is going to do it, let's do it for our own good with or without this highly-distracted CCP2012 wants to do.

    We are on our own.

  4. I'd support a community initiative on the restoration of the music/entertainment venues in the area. The history and charm of these very buildings are what attracted me to this area most. I saw a concert at the Aragon once when I was younger and i fell in love then to learn that my great frandparents and grandparents used to dance at the aragon and the green mill and arcadia and enjoyed these very streets connects me to them and makes me feel like i am a part of it too. I also am a fan muslims music and love the proximity of the venues here. I was so thrilled to live down the street from it all. I would love to see the vision of a rehabbed Uptown entertainment district realized. More traffic in the area of visitors and people hanging out with a positive purpose wouldn't hurt either.

  5. Haha autocorrect. That should say "I am also a fan of live music" not sure why iPhone replaces that with "Muslims"