Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Crust Station Award Goes To .....

Perhaps the knowledge that renovations are coming to Wilson kept it from being the four-time winner of the Crust Station award, "which dishonors the most disgusting CTA stop"?

But never fear, this year's winner is within walking distance.  It's .... SheridanRead all about it in RedEye.


  1. OMG yes, this station has been long over looked for crustiness due to Wilson. The platform is okay aside from the greasy planks when it gets hot. Unfortunately the station house is a dump and the stairwells are gross. Needs to be larger and cleaned up.

    However, the long term plan calls for demolition with a new station house at the end and it would be called "Irving Park" on the red line....auxilliary entrance at Sheridan. but that's only a pipe dream until funding and the long term project comes to fruition.

  2. I reluctantly have to agree that the Sheridan Station is worse than the Wilson.

    At least the platform is wide at Wilson, while the platforms are far too narrow for passenger safety at Sheridan. Also, egress and ingress are much worse.

    It's cramped, dirty, and decrepit in the extreme, though the Wilson, Argyle, and Thorndale are close runners-up. I'm eager to see what the last two will look like after rehab.