Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Craig's Lost Chicago

If you've lived in Chicago for any length of time, you'll probably get a few memory jolts from Craig's Lost Chicago, a website of shops, manufacturing, fun, and food that used to be in Chicago, but has left for one reason or another (out of business, left Chicago, or consolidated with another company).

Here's a rare sight from the website -- Goldblatt's, at Broadway and Racine, in its heyday...

... before it closed in 1998 and became the boarded-up eyesore with the rusting water tank on top of it that was there before the Borders restoration (photo courtesy of Mark2400 on Flickr, who has allowed UU to use his Goldblatt's photos in the past for daylight saving time purposes):

Enjoy browsing Craig's Lost Chicago for some memories!

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