Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Broncho Billy Playlot Shenanigans

Wow, kids grow up so fast these days!  In the Broncho Billy Playlot on Magnolia, which is intended for children 12-and-under and their guardians, a reader found some signs that "big kids" had been there and the games they were playing weren't exactly child's play.

"Here are a few images of the park [Tuesday] morning. The basketball courts were covered in trash and there were some interesting foil wrappers in the bark mulch, in addition to some creative new artwork... You can see it in the lower right hand corner of the picture. The sad part about this is there is a trash can right by this spot."

Remember when you look at the pictures, this playlot is intended for kids in their "Wonder Years."


  1. The good old days are gone. People are lazy and slobs in todays world. I see them all the time throwing garbage on the neighborstreets when the garbage conatiner is a hands distance. If you remind them of it they give you the middle finger. The most unrespectful and don`t care attitude people have everywhere.

  2. Tagging has gotton out of control.They even get on roofs and tag buildings and leave garbage.I am sorry we need more patrol cars in Uptown.Noticed even when you call police -it takes longer than it did a few years ago for a car to show up.

  3. I live right by the new park on Sheridan and Ainslie and the same crowd of older kids literally 'hang' out on the playground equipment.

    Though to be fair as this is the city, where else do they have to go?

  4. "Where else do they have to go?" asks Jenny. Um, let's see. Home. Someone else's home. The library. The beach. Go for a walk. Boys & Girls Club. Uplift afterschool program. After School Matters. Explore Graceland cemetery. Shall I continue?

  5. @Jenny 311
    To be fair the answer is not the playground. The answer is that "they" should be doing something productive. Idle hands are the devils tools/playground/workshop....
    I personally like idle hands are the devils work.

    Personally I would call in the illegal loitering/gangbang hanging and just not tolerate it. Also if I lived nearby I would cover over any and all graffiti or remove it and pick up all the trash and then make that park my favorite place to checkout EVERYDAY.

    Hope things are getting better there.

  6. That graffiti there is SUPER easy to coverup with black spray paint and no one would notice it. If you are doing the right thing its the right thing to do.

    Tagging is wrong
    and covering up or removing tagging/graffiti is the RIGHT thing to do. Hopefully that tagging has been covered up by now, because leaving to sit will just encourage more tagging.

    Ultimately a Graffiti Tracker program is what is needed in our fair city. It has worked wonders in SanDiego.

  7. Just a reminder, Jeffo--years ago, in all their wisdom, City Council made it illegal to purchase or use spray paint unless you are a licensed contractor. Most places in the city that sell paint, including Home Depot, don't even carry it.

    This doesn't make it simple as you'd like, but there is wonderful black paint that can be brushed on...or if you're very enterprising, use a spray gun. Have at it!

  8. Here's the recently revised city ordinance on spray paint.

    It can't be sold in the city, but it can be legally used.

    Now if you wanted to purchase spray paint and not visit the suburbs you could order it from a private seller online. That would be illegal, but it's highly doubtful you would be caught and prosecuted.

    One interesting part of the ordinance is that if your caught defacing property and use your vehicle while doing it the vehicle can be impounded.

    The police need to set up stings at likely graffiti spots and start taking the little darlings wheels. That'll make em cry.

    The city can have my spray paint when they take it from my cold dead hand. Spray paint control is just about as effective as the handgun ban.

    8-4-130 Possession of etching materials, paint or marker unlawful.
    (a) It shall be unlawful for any person to possess etching materials, a spray paint
    container, liquid paint or any marker containing a fluid which is not water soluble and has a
    point, brush, applicator or other writing surface of three-eighths of an inch or greater, on the
    property of another or in any public building or upon any public facility. It shall be a defense to
    an action for violation of this subsection that the owner, manager or other person having control
    of the property, building or facility consented to the presence of the etching materials, paint or

  9. Its not illegal to use spray paint in Chicago. It is illegal to graffiti anything up whether it be with pens, paint or spraypaint.

    The method that is used to RESTORE something makes no difference. Goof Off may be used to remove graffiti as well

    Thanks IP for the info

    Graffiti Tracker!!!
    Thats what is needed

  10. @The L Train... I was essentially playing devils advocate here, I understand that there are other indoor places for tweens rest their bums.

    But really, is there an 'age' limit to the sunnyside playground?

    I really hope you are using sarcasm when you suggest "Explore Graceland cemetery"??? creeeepy

  11. If you're interested in hearing people shout FUCK, N$%GER, or any number in a long line of familiar swear words, please stop by the playlot!

    This weekend there were several fights, with police being called to the lot several times.

    In addition, apparently parents have decided not to come to the park to supervise, and the adults that are there are acting worse than the children - by video taping the fights and encouraging the kids to go at it!

    Should be a great summer!