Thursday, August 23, 2012

Argyle Street Closures To Aid Station Overhaul

Ald. Osterman has sent out a long email about the upcoming Red Line rehab, including details about a community meeting he and the CTA will hold on Monday, August 27 at 6:00pm at Goudy School Cafeteria (5120 N. Winthrop, but please enter off of Winona) "to discuss the construction at Berwyn and Argyle stations.  In addition to the planned stationhouse, track and viaduct work, these stations' viaduct columns will be rebuilt. The CTA will make a presentation to residents and business owners and will answer any questions or concerns."  Read the entire email here.

He has the following details about street closures that will accompany the Argyle rehab.  Yeah, it's gonna be a bit of a pain during the Red Line rehab this fall and winter, but it should all be worth it.  It could be worse:  we could be on a "Congress Parkway" construction schedule.

"The next station to undergo work is Argyle, which will be closed for six weeks starting on Friday, August 24 at 10:00pm and lasting until Friday, October 5 at 10:00pm. Consequently, there will be full street closures on Argyle from Broadway to Winthrop during the weekends.

Station.  The station will be closing this Friday, August 24 at 10:00pm. It will be closed for 6 weeks and will re-open around 10:00pm on Friday, October 5. During this time, we are encouraging riders to use Berwyn or Lawrence.

The Street.  During construction, the CTA will need to use Argyle to stage equipment and perform viaduct and track work. This will result in full street closures on Argyle from Broadway to Winthrop every week (for the full 6 weeks) from Thursday at 8am to Monday at 12pm. I have requested that they keep access open up to the north/south alley west of the viaduct in order to ensure access for business deliveries and turn-around traffic. Due to safety reasons, there are two weekends in particular where this will be impossible because there will be a crane staged on the street. These weekends are Thursday 8/30 - Monday 9/3 and Thursday 9/20 - Monday 9/24. They will try to keep alley access open on the other weekends since the work will be less intensive. The curb lane on both sides of the street will be closed from August 24 - October 4.

Once the station reopens, the CTA will continue finishing work to the viaduct which may cause additional street closures. My office will keep the community informed of any changes via the Weekly Newsletter."

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