Tuesday, August 28, 2012

"A Neighborhood Rich In History"

Chicago Realtor Magazine took a look at Uptown in its summer edition, and liked what it saw.  It talked to two local Realtors and Uptown residents, Mark Zipperer and Bethanie Williams:
"We are crying for commercial development, but in this economy they're slow to come out here.  We need the foot traffic, but with a range of new restaurants and other changes, it's beginning to increase," Zipperer said.  

Fortunately, there is no shortage of engaged community residents working on Uptown's behalf.
And that last line is, to us, the best part of living here.

Read the entire article here.  As the person who sent it to us said, "Glad this went to realtors---so many refer to Uptown as 'sketchy' which makes me crazy."

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  1. Always nice to see Uptown in a good light, getting some decent ink and hopefully a shift in perception ... and they certainly do the history of Uptown a favor by completely ignoring the time between today and "the 1970's".