Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Rainy Days On Sunny Side


A reader writes:  "Hey, UU!  Don't know if you know that the 900 block of Sunnyside had our sewers and curbs redone last month!  I sent you a pic a few years ago of how bad the flooding was whenever it rained or the snow melted.  One side of the street had such low curbs that the water overran them and flooded the grass and parking was impossible.  The other side of the street had such high curbs that only really tall cars were able to open their car doors!

I've been waiting for it to rain to see how well the new curbs and gutters work, and it's SO MUCH BETTER.  The attached pic was taken about a half hour after the deluge on Friday afternoon at roughly the same place.  Well worth the pain of three weeks with parking bans on our block.  And I can open my car door on both sides of the street now."


  1. I'm so excited! I've complained about the curbs on this block for years - to both Alderman. So nice to not have to worry about swimming across the street, having your tire frozen in a puddle or sinking into a sink hole so deep you can't open the car door. The new sidewalk extensions were an added bonus and a nice way to keep the lawns nice.

  2. Alderman Cappleman requested that this be repaired. Glad to hear it worked out.