Saturday, July 28, 2012

Lionel Returns!

A reader wrote to tell us that the Lion has taken a hiatus from his hiatus to cheer on Team USA.  We are so happy to see his outrageous style sense and inscrutable expression again at Montrose and Dayton.


  1. “In every moment of peril, in every hour of discouragement, whenever the clouds gather, there is the image of Lionel to rivet our hopes and to renew our faith”.

    Actually, Warren Harding said that about Lincoln, but go with me here.

    "God gave us Lionel and Liberty, let us fight for both."

    US Grant said that before Vicksburg about, you guessed it, Lincoln, but it fits.

    Discard an "L" turn the "C" into an "E" and Lincoln and Lionel are two variations on a patriotic theme.

    L I N C O L N

    L I O N --L

    Or not!

  2. I'm so glad he's back. The neighborhood hasn't been the same without him