Friday, July 6, 2012

Library Hours & Staff Restored

An email from Keep Chicago Working:
Thanks to you and thousands of other Chicago residents who made clear the importance of your neighborhood branch, staffing and hours have been almost completely restored throughout the Chicago Public Libraries system. Over the past few weeks, nearly all of the library employees who were laid off last winter were recalled to work, and the library’s “summer hours” have returned the system to its regular schedule. [...] In recent weeks nearly all the pages have been recalled to work. Bringing them back will improve access to books and free up other library staff to serve patrons and conduct popular programs. And for now, branch libraries are open a full eight hours on Mondays. Library staff are hopeful that CPL will maintain these hours into the fall.
You can see the hours for the Uptown Branch library here (929 W Buena) and the Bezazian Branch Library here (1226 W Ainslie).

Incidentally, the Bezazian branch has a historical photo exhibit on display that we enjoyed very much.  Its website reads:
Ongoing Exhibit

These photos, by an unknown photographer, document a moment in Uptown’s history that is lost to time and the evolving nature of the city. We see shop proprietors proudly serving their community and people out and about in the neighborhood. Although fashions have changed in 30 years, these photos show Uptown’s essence continues to be fundamentally a result of its residents.

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  1. Now they just need to install strict filters on the computers, so they can be used what they were intended for, instead of what I have seen (and need eye bleach for)