Thursday, July 12, 2012

Kinetic Playground For Lease

Looks like the Kinetic Playground, just across from the Aragon (1113 W Lawrence), which was closed down about a year ago for licensing violations, won't be reopening... or reopening soon, at least.  There's a "For Lease" sign in the window from a firm that bills itself as real estate advisors.  If you know anyone who might be interested in this lease, contact The Shepherd Group, LLC.

There's so much financial backstory on this building that someone could write a book about what's been happening for the past ten years, starting with its restoration from a dilapidated, dangerous building with tenants who hadn't paid rent in years, including but not limited to a liquor store that opened at 7am and the Prologue School.  It was a beautiful thing to see it once again become the distinguished building it had once been rather than the blight on the neighborhood it had deteriorated into.

Whatever community, investor, and tenant complaints followed -- and there are many valid ones -- the Kinetic not only provided a link back to a fabled time in Uptown's history, but also provided a place for concertgoers to hang out before and after their shows, something that had been sadly lacking in Uptown for many years.

It's all up to the lawyers to sort it out now, but we're glad to see that the Kinetic is being marketed.  Hope to see it hosting a new venue soon.


  1. It can be a very profitable club. It's packed on concert nights. Especially when they have live music.

    The room is reinforced with sound proofing so tenants above who apparently signed leases that notated it was an entertainment club with noise shouldn't complain.

    However they could book bands that don't have to play extremely loud.

  2. It would kick ass if this place turned into a Double Door equivalent. Our may or may not ever happen "entertainment district" definitely lacks a hopping smaller club with regular shows like Schuba's, Double Door, Martyer's, Subterranean or Empty Bottle.

    If I had investment partners, I'd do it...

  3. Yes. An entertainment district outside of the immediate downtown area has to be first and foremost about small clubs like the Empty Bottle, not about 1000+ person theaters. As much as I would love to see the Uptown Theater renovated, I would trade it for two or three small venues in a heartbeat.

  4. The Uptown Theater needs to be renovated on its own merit but Tom is right about small venues. It will take both to attract other small businesses.

    I wonder how much is left of a bar in the Kinetic.

    It sure looks like they left in a hurry with the big mess inside.

  5. Who writes this garbage? I am a long-time Uptown resident (I remember when the Uptown showed movies) and worked at Prologue in this building. Prologue paid its rent. In fact, Prologue attempted negotiations with the owner to purchase but he saw a bigger opportunity in the real estate condo bubble and cashed in. Prologue moved at the end of its lease. Those are the facts. You owe an apology for your slander.

  6. There is a great little story on the former owners in the Sun Times today.

    I bet they sold off the coolers, tap equipt., and everything else before the end, the place looks stripped.


    The Shiller comment is gold.

  8. Yes, the Sun Times article confirms a lot of what many of us owners of the condominiums at 1107 W Lawrence already suspected / knew. Sad ending. It certainly was an eye-opening experience for those of us who were first-time home buyers.

  9. Golden comment as it may have been Ald. Helen's letter apparently had little effect on the judge....

    Don't wanna give away too much, let's just say nothing says deal gone bad like Vicodin and internet poker.

    We could use a movie theater here in Uptown though. It would be a good thing for local restaurants, fit into the entertainment theme. It seems like Uptown would ba a great location for amovie theater just with the density.
    It sure would be nice to walk to a movie....

    A good location might be on Wilson, next to McDonalds in that big empty lot. There was a scheme to put a Sonics there....maybe its still alive who knows?