Thursday, July 5, 2012

"Ice Cubed" Coming To Uptown

"Steamy" doesn't even come close to describing the heat today, so seeing a sign for "Ice Cubed" on Lawrence, across from Crafty Beaver, definitely piqued our interest.

It's in the storefront that was Villa May Pizza, then Village II Pizza, and for half a second, "Pollo Loco" taqueria (aka "Trademarks B Damned").  Now it's the production area for "Ice Cubed," which promises "Ice Cream / Ice Pops / Ice Lounge."

So this is what we've found out:  It's waiting for final approval from the City to open, and it will start out as a food truck selling gorgeous cold treats.  The Lawrence storefront won't be open to the public, but will be where the cold confections are produced.  There are some vague plans for an eat-in lounge in the future, but for now, they're just trying to get the food truck on the road.

You can visit the website at, and the Facebook page at  The website will feature a calendar of the truck's route and a menu of what's available.  You can follow the transformation of the storefront into a production kitchen, and drool over some especially delicious-looking treats, on the Facebook page.

We wish Ice Cubed much success, and if this heat sticks around all summer, we really look forward to seeing the big blue truck on Uptown's streets.

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