Sunday, July 1, 2012

BPN Takes On Neglected Parkways; So Can You

In Buena Park Neighbors' latest newsletter, they're promoting getting rid of ugly parkways in their community:
Several Buena Park neighbors have taken the initiative to  clean up and beautify some of our neglected parkways.  If you pass by the intersection of Belle Plaine and Clarendon, Brennamann School or the southwest corner of Buena and Broadway, you will notice how lovely and colorful the parkways look.  We are encouraging anyone who enjoys gardening to join in and claim a parkway for their own.  BPN wants to thank Ken Gasper, Shannon Davis, Rachael Lewis, Rex Moore, Christina Bies, and Cesar and Jennifer Pacheco for doing such a great job on these parkways.
We love this idea and urge Uptowners with green thumbs to unofficially adopt a parkway and take care of it.  We've seen the beautiful results at Leland and Malden, where
Photo by Peter Croke
76-year-old John Hunt has turned all four parkway corners into mini-gardens with wild flowers, native specimens, and assorted blooming plants.  You may not get as elaborate, but if you have a yearning to get your hands dirty, Uptown has a lot of corners and a lot of neglected parkways waiting for attention.

If you live in the Buena Park Neighbors block club area, please contact them at to get started.


  1. Hello, does anyone know what the music was for at the lake today? Is there some event this weekend?

  2. Erin, you can check on the calendar in the right hand sidebar. It was an electronic music festival.

  3. I personally thought this link in the BPN newsletter was worth a discussion

    Intersection proposal

    I completely agree on the need to fix this intersection, but I'm not sure such a restriction on turning southbound traffic will do the trick. I hate the current system as if you are making a left from WB Montrose onto SB Broadway you have to deal with the oncoming traffic and its longer green. Accidents galore.

  4. The proposal to change that intersection by Bike Uptown is nothing short of brilliant.

    The traffic would flow better, especially on Montrose, it would be safer and a plaza as a bonus. Hope it happens.