Monday, July 9, 2012

Annoyance Presents Family Fare: "Strange Tales"

A reader says:  "I just wanted to share a show going on at the Annoyance (4830 N Broadway) right now... Weirdos Presents: Strange Tales. It's a show for kids with puppets and about fairy tales and so on. It's been pretty well received.

I know the Annoyance isn't typically known for Family Friendly shows, so I thought this was interesting.  Plus, there are free snow cones and the kids can play with puppets afterward.  Here is a link to the show and more info:"
A sketch show for all age, "Weirdos Presents: Strange Tales” stars an eclectic cast of humans and puppets. Mr. Weathersby is living it up at the old folks home when his nurse wants him to go to sleep. Wanting to stay up, he makes a deal with her, that he can tell her one story before he goes to bed. What starts with Red Riding Hood and her friend the wolf, eventually connects with every fairy tale ever told.