Friday, June 15, 2012

Vintage Garage Debuts Sunday

Can't get enough vintage and unique shopping, close to home? Well, you have another chance this weekend! Introducing the debut of "Vintage Garage" on Broadway.

"The Garage is a parking garage in the Uptown neighborhood of Chicago where antique and vintage vendors from all over can drive right into the garage and set up and sell their goods. It will be the 3rd Sunday, June through October. 

The inaugural date is June 17th and the dates for the rest of the season are below. It's the first event of its kind in the Chicago area and we are very excited about it!

The details are -- Chicago Vintage Garage 

  • June 17, 9 to 4
  • July 15, 9 to 4 
  • August 19, 9 to 4 
  • September 16, 9 to 4 
  • October 21, 9 to 4 

The Garage @ 5051 Broadway 
3.00 admission at the door 
There will be vendors of vintage from Illinois, Indiana, Michigan and beyond!"

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