Saturday, June 2, 2012

Update On Laurie's Murder Suspect

A little more information on the aftermath of the Laurie's murder earlier this week that was sent to the block clubs in the area:

"Here is information on the individual who was arrested for the 1st Degree Murder at the Shooting in Laurie's Pizzeria, Foster and Broadway.

Defendant Andre Alejandro, age 22, is a known member of the Gangster Disciples street gang and lives in Rogers Park area.

Criminal Background:  He has been arrested 26 times with 7 convictions.  Most of his arrests were for misdemeanors, gang and cannabis offenses. Two of the arrests were felonies, one being Aggravated Battery with a weapon.   He has been sentenced to Boot Camp and 2 years of intensive Probation.  His arrests were in both the 20th and 24th Districts.

On the day after the shooting, flowers and candles were set up by entrance door to Laurie's Pizzeria with Latin King graffiti written on the wall of the building.  This material and graffiti was removed from this site.  [UU Note:  On Thursday night, Laurie's was closed in the evening for the first time we can remember, and there were fresh splotches of black paint on the facade, probably where the gang graffiti was painted over.  There was a Latin Kings etching in the glass on the door.]  Victim is believed to have been a member of Berwyn/Winthrop Latin Kings street gang. The victim also lived the Rogers Park area.

The Defendant's case is now in Branch 66 on 1st Degree Murder charge with next court date of June 19.  This case is in the probable cause and indictment phase of a felony case.   We will not start our Court Advocacy coverage until the Chief Judge assigns the case to one of criminal courts for the trial phase of a felony case."


  1. I've written before.....this guy had 26 arrests....why don't we have a 3 strikes and you're out law? Or at least 5 strikes and you're out? Why is he out on the street? They start out small, little crimes and before long it's escalated to big crimes. I also want to know where he lived on Winthrop, did his landlord know he was in the building? Landlords need to police their tenants better.

  2. Lianna, per previous newspaper reports, this guy lived at 1440 Chase in Rogers Park. You'd have to go to the property and get the contact information about the landlord that's required to be posted there and contact him/her to know if they were aware he was living there.

    As far as a "three strike law" or "five strike law," have you contacted your state rep or state senator and asked about those laws? Have you asked if one is already in effect? If not, ask them if they're willing to sponsor one. Squeaky wheels get the grease!

  3. Lianna, there was a man last summer that had 250 arrests! Some of those arrests he had were probable for vagrancy, pot possession, public intox, ect.. They frequently get an "I Bond" from the station & sent home after a few hours. Then go to court & have the Judge SOL (Stricken On Leave) the case.

  4. Andre Alejandro passed away 4 months ago in prison