Thursday, June 7, 2012

RICO Law Aimed At Gangs Imminent?

The Illinois General Assembly just approved an anti-racketeering law that will treat street gangs like organized crime figures, and hold gang leaders accountable for crimes committed by underlings.   It's just waiting for Gov. Quinn to review and approve it.

According to the Sun-Times:
Under the law, gangs would be treated as a criminal enterprise, allowing cops and prosecutors to fight the “disease and not just the symptoms,” as assistant state’s attorneys string together different gang crimes into a single case in an effort to dismantle the organization and hold gang leaders accountable when they commit crimes or order others to carry them out, [States Attorney Anita] Alvarez said.
Read the entire article here. Pretty interesting stuff.


  1. The Rico law has worked very well and the FBI uses it all the time. I write and collect prison letters from mobsters and at least 70% of them are in the Federal pens becuase of violations of the Rico laws that are enforced. It be a great law fighting tool and they better build a bigger jail as it works.

  2. That's great, but what took so long?

  3. Probably a combination of a new mayor who wants to make his mark on Chicago, leaning on a new police superintendent who has a law-and-order reputation on the line. 11 people killed and 50 shot in one weekend doesn't look good for either of them. Neither do the gang invasions of "good" areas like the Magnificent Mile and North Avenue Beach, and you don't think Taste was cut back to five days this year and the fireworks canceled because it was so safe down there? Sure, maybe it's late, but it's better than not happening at all. (Daley probably would have turned all red in the face and sold Water Tower to the gangs to try to negotiate with them.)

  4. Can we add terrorism as well? I mean they both kill for their beliefs, right?

  5. becuase of violations of the Rico laws that are enforced

    Ie - the courts will need to be play ball here, as well.

    If history is any indication of how that will work out ..., forgive me for not being terribly enthused.

  6. Just Asking,

    Mobsters and gang members commit illegal acts to further their business interests. They are only concerned about one thing, making money.

    Terrorists commit illegal acts to further their political and ideological interests.

    Very different motivations, even though their actions may sometimes be fairly similar. At least, that's my view.