Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Reservoir Nearly Ready?

We've been hoping to hear about Reservoir (844 W Montrose) opening its doors, and it seems like it may not be far away.  A reader sent in this photo and says:  "I just walked by Reservoir and they had the front window open and Abt was there installing TVs.  The person inside worked for Abt and said he did not know when they were opening, but thought it would be soon."  Here's hoping.  The interior looks beautiful and makes us more eager to try it out.


  1. Can't wait! It's a tough area to fill, but I'm happy to see a bar/restaurant coming to this location in Uptown!

  2. I wish them luck and I am happy to have a bar/restaurant a stones throw from where I live. The deck is kind of stacked against them opening in this area on Montrose and I hope they can provide some parking for the customers but at least someone is willing to take the risk.

  3. Just west of where the Purple Cow was.