Friday, June 8, 2012

Razón's Edge

Razon, courtesy of Thrillist
A reader writes:  "My wife and I were at Razón (4250 N Marine) tonight and had a great time; great food, and reasonably priced great wines! This place needs neighborhood buzz and what better place than Uptown Update. Buena Park is dying for a place like this."

We weren't aware that Razón had expanded its hours from morning cafe to evening meals, but apparently it has, and they're getting some good reviews, such as this one in Thrillist, which calls it a "double threat" and describes it as "a sunny, glass-cased, wood-burning-oven bakery & cafe by day, then shifting their nighttime efforts to a more formal, 100-seat dining room outfitted with sparkling Italian tile, a 360-degree wood bar, and crystal chandeliers."

A restaurant website is either hard to find or non-existent, but we did find an online menu, and it looks darn tasty.  Check out the menu here, and check out Razón in person.  We'd love to hear your reviews.


  1. I just want to thank your efforts on keeping a wide variety of information on uptown!! Will def. check this place out

  2. I've posted reviews and several pics to YELP. It's great.