Friday, June 22, 2012

Montrose Rocks Festival Cancelled Back On

And an update: "UPDATE AS OF LATE FRIDAY: Anthony Galloway has updated fans of Montrose Rocks with the news that the public health commissioner and park district have worked with organizers to make sure the event WILL happen. So now the Rocks at Montrose will go on as planned."

Thanks to a reader for alerting us to this news report in Windy City Times:
Montrose Rocks event cancelled. Anthony Galloway of the Montrose Rocks Pride Sunday event sent out an email June 22 announcing that the event had been cancelled due to lack of funds. The predominantly African-American pride event had been part of the community since the early 1990s (and was the successor to the Belmont Rocks event on Pride Sunday starting in the 1970s). 
The entire article is here. The Montrose Rocks website is here (and surprisingly has nothing about this year's event or its cancellation).


  1. I'm a little confused. I think the montrose rocks pride event is NOT canceled. I read the article and as of late this afternoon/ evening it said it WILL go as planed.
    Thank you. I thought we lost this like we lost Belmont rocks. PLEASE everyone BEHAIVE and NJOY.

  2. Oh never mind. Looks like another evening making sure to stay inside as my neighborhood gets overun with drunk, angry, hyped-up teens swearing, throwing garbage anywhere they want and becoming violent. I cannot believe this event has had a significant catastrophe in years' past.

  3. With the festival back on, be prepared Uptown. As it gets dark and the crowd disperses, many people will head on over to the Red Line. In previous years there have often been 'disturbances' on Wilson, and at the Wilson L station, going over to the L.