Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Hot! Hot! Hot!

The heat advisory is in effect through Thursday night, and some are saying it could be Chicago's hottest temperatures in seven years.  So a few reminders:
  • Please check on your neighbors, particularly if they are elderly or don't have air conditioning.  You could be a literal lifesaver.  You can always request a well-being check by calling 311.  (Less than a year ago, an Uptown man died inside his home due to the hot weather.)  Call 911 if someone is in distress.
  • Ditto for people who are living outdoors.  Please don't assume they're sleeping in the sun.  Check on them or call 311 for a well-being check.  Call 911 if someone is in distress.
  • There are cooling centers all around us:  4740 N Sheridan; the Senior Center at Damen and Lawrence; all public libraries; all park fieldhouses; and all police stations.  Call 311 if someone needs transportation to one.
  • There are water features at Broncho Billy Playlot, at Aster Playlot, and at Buttercup Playlot.
  • The City has posted safety warnings to follow to avoid being an overheated human OR having an overheated pet.
We are lucky to have several indoor and outdoor public pools in and around Uptown.  Here are the swim schedules:
  • Chase Park (pictured), 4701 N Ashland:  Schedule
  • Gill Park (indoor pool), 825 W Sheridan:  Schedule
  • Uplift High School (indoor pool), 900 W Wilson: Schedule
  • Welles Park (indoor pool), 2333 W Sunnyside: Schedule

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