Tuesday, June 12, 2012

GWNA Red Line Survey

From Graceland Wilson Neighbors:

"CTA has held panel discussions with selected organizations and businesses in Uptown.  The Graceland-Wilson Neighbors Association (GWNA) wants to hear about the wishes of Uptown’s residents—the primary beneficiaries of this CTA project—and make sure both that  those wishes are fully taken into account, and that the final construction serves the needs and desires of all Uptowners for the present and the future.  GWNA is conducting an on-line survey over the next few weeks, to determine what messages and requests we take to CTA and to Alderman Cappleman.  We invite Uptown Update’s readers to take part in this survey, found at http://wordpress.us2.list-manage.com/track/click?u=10321395890410823918cadd3&id=b8ba9ce3db&e=0f231a913e"


  1. The questions are obviously biased to the west and to the Target/ Montrose of the station now. (The GWNA area..shocking)

    Whereas I applaud them for sending out the survey, it should have been a bit more honest and transparent. To those of us living on the eastside of Broadway, we were given pretty cursory options.. too bad, could have been a great service to the community...

  2. Soon after the Urban Land Institute's study is completed, the 46th Ward will host a public meeting to release and discuss the details of the study. There will be a process in place to get community feedback as well.

    The location of the L entrance/exit is also influenced by where the elevator(s) can realistically fit... there are many variables in place that influence where elevators are allowed to go.

    CTA knows that we're very excited about this and that the community is anxious to hear more details. We've been waiting 20 years and all of us want to see this happen sooner rather than later. The grand opening will be some celebration, to say the least.

  3. The CTA should call on the Savannah College of Art & Design for it's Historic Preservation department.
    They are top notch with older buildings.

  4. We've had this discussion here before, but I'll make it easier for everyone and outline the ONE and ONLY correct plan for Uptown's CTA stations.

    FIRST, technically the Sheridan stop is in Lakeview, but it should be moved north of Irving to the area behind the west side of Kenmore. According to Jeffrey Littleton, internet expert and attender of all vaguely Uptown related meetings, the CTA is considering this already.

    Bravo, to the CTA.

    SECOND, the Wilson stop should be closed and a new stop built at Montrose and roughly Kenmore.

    My reasoning, which is true and correct and always flawless, is as follows.

    A. The Montrose bus could actually use Montrose if this were done. What a novel idea.

    B. It more efficiently spaces out train stations.

    C. It would be easier to develop the Maryville property and other underutilized properties on Montrose if the station were at Montrose.

    D. While I have little doubt the area around Wilson and Broadway will slowly improve as the years go by it's going to be a multi decade project. A Montrose station would have the benefit of being well away from ground zero for Uptown gang activity and shootings.

    E. It would annoy Littleton and Uptown Narcissist, I mean Uptown Superhero. Sure, spending millions to annoy them seems drastic, but think of it as an ancillary benefit.

    F. The Lawrence station should be rebuilt on the north side of Lawrence and the Argyle stop CLOSED. I'm sure the latter recommendation will annoy some folks, but having stations every two blocks is wasteful and silly. This will make the commute faster for the folks entering or exiting the CTA north of Uptown.

    Right now have four stations within less than one mile of one another. Silly.





    I'm not an expert on the engineering or monetary issues involved and it may turn out that for technical or funding reasons some of these ideas aren't realistic, but in a more perfect world this is how it would be done.

    So let it be written. So let it be done.

  5. Irish Pirate, yes, lets put a stop on Montrose where a quarter of the radius is a cemetery, most highrises are place farther away and inconvenience the thousands of Truman College students... I expect to find you listed as one of the next recipients of the MacArther Genuis grant...lol

  6. The cemetery doesn't need an L stop. And closing the one Uptown stop on a somewhat thriving commercial street is ridiculous.

  7. Mr Superhero.

    if you're going to attempt to insult someone you should probably spell "genuius" correctly.







    I realize that you and your alter ego Alek think it's all about yourselves. It's not.

    It's about what's best for the community. Just like the street festivals which annoy you so much.

    Now the only MacArthur genius grant I want is listening to this.

    Listen and learn. Although, since the song doesn't directly involve you or what you perceive to be in your narrow self interest I doubt you have the capacity to understand its genius. Or is that genuis?