Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Uptown Walking Tour With "Forgotten Chicago"

Here's your chance to join a walking tour sponsored by one of our favorite Chicago-centric websites, "Forgotten Chicago":

"From its beginnings as an upper-middle class suburb to the booming entertainment and vice districts of the 1920′s, Uptown has evolved into a veritable menagerie of people and cultures, all of which is reflected in Uptown’s strikingly diverse built environment. We will delve into what criteria made and maintained Uptown as a port of entry for many different people, the effects of top-down urban renewal, and the conflicts that have sculpted its history.

We will also explore evidence of struggles between many different groups of people, migrants and immigrants, and the civic reaction to the influx of new cultures, many of which were defined by their strong sense of independence. We will also see how the movie and entertainment industries played a large role in enriching Uptown’s architectural landscape and providing a fertile breeding ground for its later reincarnations.

When? Saturday May 12, Noon. Rain or shine (severe weather excepted).

Where? The tour starting point will be emailed to attendees.

How long? The tour will consist of approximately 3 miles of walking
and will last about 2 1/2 hours.

How much? $15 per person. Please bring cash.

What should I bring? Yourself. Sunscreen and water also recommended.

Signup here:

We hope to see you Saturday!

The Forgotten Chicago Crew


  1. cool shot, love the density

  2. Two questions:

    1) what was the building on the north side of Lawrence and the west side of the El tracks? It's now a parking lot.

    2) what was the building that sat ontop of the Bridgeview Bank parking lot?


  3. Great walking tour on Saturday 5/12. Learned a lot about Uptown and its history. Kudos to the folks at Forgotten Chicago.