Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Razón Opening Today?

Imperial Towers,
photo courtesy of Estately
Another new restaurant opening?  Razón (@zone_razon), the self-proclaimed urban food factory scheduled to open in the Imperial Towers at 4250 N Marine, tweeted Tuesday morning:
Wednesday 7 am at razon! We'll wake u up @uptown. The star is in the building
About ten days ago, it tweeted:
razón will be opening it's door soon. Coffee shop will be 1st to open and you'll be happy to see what the buzz is all about ;)
Anyone want to stop by and see what's up at Razón this morning?  Here's what BPN had to say last month about what to expect.

Update:  Here's a review and a photo of the interior, from Urban Daddy.  Looks great!


  1. can't wait to try it this in the lobby somewhere or on a high floor?

  2. They're baking; door's open; baloons outside. Noone answered when I poked my head in but it sure smells good.

  3. It's on the first floor of the North Tower Alek. One can enter from outside or through the lobby.

  4. I bought a breakfast sandwich this was wonderful. I also tried a sample of their brownie which was delicious. The gelatos look decadent.