Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Pizza Fest Music Line-Up Announced

Including Berlin and Too White Crew.  See the entire list below, along with details about the Pizza Fest.

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And more from the Chamber:


Courtesy Parking Notice:  There will be NO PARKING on the following streets from 3am Saturday, June 16 through 3am Monday, June 18:
  • Wilson Avenue: Broadway to Sheridan
  • Kenmore Street: Stewart Elementary School to Winthrop 
  • Vehicles left on those streets will be ticketed and towed.
The stage and sound system for all entertainment will be positioned facing away from the residential buildings to reduce any noise issues.   Clean-up crews will be on hand during and after the festival ends to keep the festival site and the neighboring streets clean as well.   There will be security on site during the hours of the festival and overnight Saturday.

During the festival, McDonald’s will continue to operate its drive-thru lanes and the north-south alley parallel to McDonald’s will be open as well.  The actual street closure will begin just west of this alley.

We are looking forward to hosting this uniquely Chicago focused event -- all of the pizza vendors are Chicago-based and some of our own Uptown pizzerias will also be participating."


  1. Sorry, but this actually pisses me off.. This is now TWO weekends that those of us that live in the Truman Square area get blasted by music ALL DAY FOR AN ENTIRE WEEKEND! Between this and the Ribfest, I am not digging this at all. Uptown is a really big area and I think the love needs to be spread around, like down Broadway in front of Target, or are they just much more important that the residents that live within earshot of this?

    I wish the NEIGHBORS that live within earshot were shown some respect and asked for input!

  2. We are finally getting our share street festival action in Uptown.
    Its about time!

    @ Superhero


    It sounds like if they asked you would have said no.

    Bah Humbug.......we are an Entertainment District Baby!! Roll with it...Le bon temps roulette.

    There.....I said it.

  3. If you're looking for quiet, don't live in the city! This is great!

  4. Shame on me...Granma said to watch my french..

    Its Le bon temps ROULER baby....not roulette hahaha

    To ba fair and not beat myself up for a happy typo le bon temps roulette is a bar I used to frequent on Tchopitoulas in NOLA.

    Fun-loving place Walter "Wolfman" Washington had a weekly gig.......... great talent good times!

  5. You omitted a critical word Jefferey... "laissez"

  6. Looking forward to it!! Ala Uptown SuperHero!, I do understand it will be noisy, probably have some driving/parking complications and the usual go-round of undesirables as are at every summer festival (I live only 1 block away) - but this is a small price to pay to help develop the neighborhood and call some attention perhaps to others who may not otherwise visit Uptown. I can't wait!

    This seemed to have cropped up a bit under the radar, but I'm pleasantly surprised to see the acts/schedule!! Says it's the 3rd such pizza-fest (though first in Uptown) - anyone have any info/experience from other years/locations I was previously unaware of?

  7. Guilty as charged Sir Bradley...mercí beacoup mon ami.