Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Man Charged With Murder In Pizzeria Shooting

According to the Trib, it's a Rogers Park gang thing:

A Rogers Park man is accused of fatally shooting a 13-year-old boy inside an Uptown pizzeria after yelling gang slogans at him, authorities say.

Ivan Alanis was with his older sister and her friend inside a pizza and liquor store in the 5100 block of North Broadway when they encountered Andre Alejandro, 22, police said.  Alejandro began yelling at the boy and the two argued and then Alejandro left, police said.

Alejandro, a member of the Gangster Disciples street gang, returned to the front of the business with a handgun and fired into the building, striking the boy in the face, police said.

Read the rest of the story here.   Another totally senseless gang-related murder, which will resolve nothing and bring heartache to two families for the rest of their lives.  Absolutely absurd that this goes on day after day and no one seems to learn anything from it.

Update:  According to the Sun-Times, "Andre Alejandro, 22, shot three times toward Ivan Alanis and two others because he believed them to be gang rivals, Cook County prosecutors said  [...] Surveillance video at the restaurant that has an adjoining liquor store showed Alejandro shooting the weapon, which he told police he threw into a nearby gangway, Carlisle said. He was arrested just four hours after the murder.Those may be the last four hours of freedom he'll ever know.  Good police work.

The article also reveals that Mr. Alejandro was involved in a previous fracas at Laurie's four years ago, where he and a group of his buddies attacked rivals with fists and sticks.  He served time for that, but apparently isn't very good at learning lessons.  Pity for so many people that he didn't learn not to return to the scene of the crime.

Oh yeah.  He's a student.  At Truman.


  1. This is why I follow this site. Stuff in Rogers Park can spillover into Uptown and vice versa. Same goes with Edgewater but to a lesser extent.

    In order for us to live in a safe city we cant take a myopic view and only focus on our own neighborhood, these guys (bangers) sure dont.

  2. In my opinion gangs are the #1 problem not only in Uptown, but in the City of Chicago. They are knowingly intimidating and causing terror in neighborhoods across the city, they supply drugs and weapons to people including minors, and the money from drugs eventually goes back to larger gangs and terrorist organizations across the world (where the drugs are cultivated and manufactured). Perhaps it is time for the Mayor to take a very hard stance and to declare gangs to be domestic terrorists and start enforcing laws accordingly. Housing a known terrorist in your home or the building you run? Law enforced. Selling drugs? Funding known terrorist organization. Weapons possession? Militia.

    I'm so over this shit.

  3. I cut and paste this directly from the trib, so the typo is not mine.

    "Court records show that Alejandro more than two dozens arrests to go with two felony convictions."

    Hopefully this jag will finally be off the streets and jail.

  4. Is it wrong to find humor in the usage of "slogans" in this article? It makes "Gansta' Disciples, Motha' Fuc$@!" sound like a catchy commercial jingle.

    I abhor this behavior. To think this kid was only 13. I'm sure his parents are proud that he went down like a man...oh wait, 13 years old and out at a pizza/liquor store at 2:30am. Sounds like he didn't have much parenting. I'm sure the apologists will find another excuse.

    I agree with previous post. Gangs are a large part of the root problem. Parentless children make up the rest of it.

  5. I'm shocked, just shocked. For those wondering what affiliation means, I guess the vic had enough of an "affiliation" to get shot in the face.

  6. What the heck? Check this out.,0,2901475.story

  7. Maybe someone with a little more law enforcement knowledge can help me out with something..

    When will street gangs be classified as domestic terrorist cells? The amount of money and manpower used to observe/control the neo hippie protestors at NATO was ridiculous compared to the resources spent on eradicating street gangs in our city. Our priorities are f*@#ked if you ask me. It has to be more than a money issue, so what is it?

    What is standing in the way of identifying known gang members, bringing in SWAT, rounding them all up, charging them with domestic terrorism and sending them away for a very, very long time? What is it?

  8. The courts, the lawyers and the law make it hard to eliminate gang activity anywhere it lives. The FBI & CPD burns millions of tax dollars on arresting 80 year old mob guys sitting in wheelchairs that can hardly breathe yet it seems they look the other way when it comes to real criminals and gangs that make it unsafe and unhealthy for everyone.

  9. There is a camera crew setting up outside T's at this moment.
    I've been out and about, have not read any reports so excuse me for any redundency.

    The word on the scene is a stabbing occured shortly before closing time. The person stabbed was taking out the garbage behind the bar, The dumpsters are accessed on the Winnemac side.

    That is what I was told by a crew member. Unconfirmed.

  10. Multiple arrests and 2 felony convictions weren't enough to convince his last judge that this man was a danger to society and needed to be kept locked up and away from society for all of our protection. I have no problem with the CPD, the weakness in our system is with the politicians and judges who enable these sociopaths to do harm to society. Politicians for not enacting tougher sentencing laws and judges such as the dishonorable Sharon Sullivan who basically give a wink and a nod, slap on the wrist sentences to dangerous felons that allow them to get back on the streets in no time to commit more crimes like this. Until the voters get tougher with our political representatives and our judges to do more and take tougher stances against those who are clearly a danger to society and are predators against civilized society, this will go on. Obviously with Alejandro's record of arrests and convictions, the police have clearly done their job repeatedly. That guys like this continually return to the streets to hurt more people is the fault of our judges and politicians.

  11. Where does this rage come from in them at such a young age?

  12. Multiple arrests and 2 felony convictions weren't enough to convince his last judge that this guy was a danger to society and needed to be kept off the streets? I have no problem with the CPD. The weakness in our system lies with our politicians and judges who enable sociopaths like Alejandro here to prey on society. The politicians enable by not passing tougher sentencing laws for gang, gun, and violent crimes and the judges, such as the dishonorable Sharon Sullivan, enable by handing out nod and a wink, wrist slap sentences to dangerous felons who are back on the streets in no time to reooffend. Multiple arrests and 2 felony convictions tell me that the police clearly have done their job regarding Alejandro. The fact that this clear danger to society was back on the streets to prey on civilized society again tells me the courts have not done theirs. This will continue until the voters hold politicians and judges accountable for protecting society from those who repeatedly demonstrate their capacity for harm.

  13. ANOTHER incident:

    Busboy stabbed behind Uptown bar

    The stabbing occurred at about 1:30 a.m. behind the business in the 5000 block of North Clark Street,0,2901475.story

    Curious, but the name of the establishment is not mentioned. Anyone hear anything?

  14. There are literally thousands of police officers fewer in Chicago than just 5 or 10 years ago. You can talk about "domestic terrorist" laws all ya want but there will be NO enforcement. This mayor has chosen to field a bare bones police department so common sense tells you that we should expect bare bones protection, especially when Rahm has concentrated hundreds of cops into the kill zone ghetto districts.

    And, don't be fooled by the obvious display of manpower from the NATO demonstrations. The CPD cancelled officers days off and had them working 12 hour shifts AND imported suburban cops, out-of-state cops and Illinois State Police for the show of force that we all saw. The feds are paying for that, though, so don't expect to see those numbers of cops again anytime soon.

    Obviously, this has something to do with the 50% rise in homicides, as well. It's not the ONLY reason, but it has to be factored in. The Tribune states that "through Sunday, there have been at least 200 homicides compared to 134 during the same period in 2011, a 49.25 increase, according to unofficial police data."

    Guess what? The U.S. military is averaging only 23 deaths a month in Afghanistan and projects that approximately 276 will die there this year. There is definitely a war going on on the streets of Chicago. Maybe it IS time to consider a military solution.

  15. - Cone of Silence

    Excellent response, completely agree. Military spending is nearly half of our nations budget; I've got to say I'm not afraid of being nuked, killed by foreign terrorist "gangs", or of being invaded by a foreign force but of walking out the front door and I put the blame on lawmakers. The millions that have been pissed away on red light/speed cameras is a slap in the face to all of us because our elected "leaders" can't control the real problem of violence.

  16. Why was the 13yr even allowed in there to eat pizza? If it's a bar/restaurant kids are only allowed between 11am and 10pm.

  17. @ UptownAction

    RE: "...millions that have been pissed away..."

    I thought I remembered that Andy Shaw and the BGA had a report about a year or so ago that estimated that 40% of the tax money collected by the government was squandered away through corruption in the form of nepotism, various no bid contracts, insider deals, bloated costs and payments, subcontracting through shell companies to sidestep minority set aside programs, ghost payrolling, cost "overruns", special perks for lawmakers (eg. personal butlers/bodyguards, huge office budgets, scholarships, multiple pensions etc) and outright stealing (see Dixon, IL). When I went to the BGA website, I just about got sick looking at dozens of other investigations of government corruption. Here it is:

  18. americanlt, you seem to know liquor licensing issues better than anyone else, what with your Prohibition-era mindset. So, why don't YOU put that knowledge and your "connections" with the liquor commission to work for once, and push to get Laurie's shut down? Go ahead, investigate and act instead of proselytizing and simpering as usual.

  19. sign this and tell your friends lets make a big change for the better one city at a time

  20. bear, I believe Laurie's has a 4AM week & 5AM weekend license to sell booze. Cook County needs to start enforcing the 10years mandatory federal prison term for felons caught w/ guns. The law doesn't mean much if it's not enforced. The 'bangers are not afraid of a typical UUW charge.

  21. I think a huge part of the problem is deterrents. The jails are full and expensive to run. That's why so many repeat offenders are on the streets. Gang members are not afraid of jail as much as I would be. When jails become something other than camp for gang members, this might change. I like the sheriff in Arizona or Texas who feeds them ham sandwiches for every meal, makes them wear pink and sleep in tents with no air conditioning. Jails do not reform any more for the most part.

    This is one of the biggest problems facing our country. One of my ideas is to make jails recycling centers. We would send all of our garbage(pun intended) to jails. Prisoners would be responsible for separating paper, plastic, glass and aluminum and the sell that to pay for their stay. If they refused, solitary confinement. It has to be a place they NEVER want to go back to.

    My next idea is welfare reform. Scene: Welfare office.
    Have you looked for work this week?
    Have you found a job?
    OK. You are to be here tomorrow at 9am. You will be given a broom, or soap and water, or a lawn mower etc. You will help keep our city clean and beautiful. A lunch will be provided. IF you don't show up, no welfare check.

    Sorry, this may not be the forum for this but I needed to get this off my chest.

  22. @Steve Bookman I hate to divert attention from the real issue, but no one is going to take that petition seriously with the gross spelling and grammatical errors. If you want to get the attention of the people who can make the necessary changes, present them with something that looks like there was some attention to detail and thought put into it. Just my 2 cents worth...

  23. I don't think you people see the big picture...Boss Rahm and top cop have been saying for some time ...there maybe up to 150,000 bangers in Chicago.....that there. Making alliances..look up the. New gang blue book