Saturday, May 26, 2012

Inspiration Kitchens To Debut At Taste

Very cool!  Fifteen rookie restaurants have been chosen to appear at this year's Taste of Chicago as one-day pop-ups, and Uptown's Inspiration Kitchens is one of them.

If you're going to Taste, stop by Columbus and Jackson on July 12th and give 'em some love.

The whole story is here in the Tribune.


  1. That's inspirational!

    They do good work there.

    In other inspirational news James "Bread Crumb Sweeper and battler of pigeons" Cappleman will be heading off to Harvard this summer to battle pigeons and people who pronounce chowder as "chow dah" with their silly Bosstton accents.

    This is what ends up in your email if you set up a particular google alert.

    Please refrain from attacking him for spending a few days in Cambridge. Perhaps he will pick up something that will help him become an even better alderman.

    I have to say I'm impressed by an Alderman who takes the time to sweep breadcrumbs off the sidewalk. That's taking the whole concept of "Broken Windows" literally down to the sidewalk level.

    I'm sure a few of you will attack him for going. Please insert your complaint of choice below:









  2. Congratulations Inspiration!

    I hope this raises some BIG $ will raise the profile of Inspiration....Uptown's finest. They have been a blessing to a number of my friends/neighbors.

    As far helping IrratePirate fill his complaint list...I'll pass. Why knock anyone anyone continuing an education, Harvard nonetheless, even if only a workshop.

    I don't even like the way some folks gripe about Truman students.

    We can be fairly sure others will take up the offer and whine away....

    How did the pigeon lady come up? I tried some pigeon once in Chinatown, it was like a boney cornish hen.
    Maybe fried in a breadcrumb batter? That could be the secret ingredient...right under our to speak...

  3. I heard the Taste will charge admission this year? I'd like to bring my grandson this year.
    Good to see an Uptown business getting positive publicity.