Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Groupon for Wavefront Music Festival

First we heard of this electronic music fest was this morning, when a reader mentioned Groupon has tickets for it.  It'll take place at Montrose Beach and will feature 20 musical acts.  Read the official website here and check out Groupon here.


  1. some pretty decent acts, lee foss beach side would be a nice event alone.

  2. No idea either...picked up tickets via Groupon as well. Can't complain about the location - should be a decent show!

  3. I emailed you guys about this weeks ago! Check your email! Should be a great time. Great that I can walk from my house.

  4. Excellent! I love me some Duck Sauce.....

  5. Some workers just got "Grouponed" right out of nominal commissions that were putting food on their tables with these "coupons". Just something to ponder. Now we can't even afford to enjoy some of these restaurants, venues or attractions even if they were free.

    The next bartender, actor, artist, musician, freelancer or whatever that approaches me on the street and asks if they "are going to see you tonight", is gonna get a taste of reality with "only if it's free or if you have a Groupon deal".

  6. THere's nothing better than listening to electronic music. Forget about the Green Mill.

    These guys really know how to use computers to produce the most interesting one chord progressions on the Planet. It's what's happening NOW.

    If only Vivaldi and Beethoven had been exposed to this stuff at an early age, just think where music would have progressed my now.

    Jimmy Page, Eric Clapton, George Benson Joe Pass are nothing compared to these guys.

    If you want to see real talent where the people don't even have to touch their instruments to beat off some of the best ejaculate you'll ever step on, them go.

    I've already purchased my tickets.