Sunday, May 6, 2012

Comprehensive Pain, Uptown's Gain

Seems like this long-empty retail space at Sheridan and Leland is going to be home to a physical therapy/alternative medicine center.  Three empty spaces have been combined into one; at one point there was a golf accessories shop in one, and Michael Carroll's campaign office was there last year.  It looks like this will be the fourth location of an established business.  May not be the most exciting addition to Uptown's retail corridors, but it sure is nice to see three empty storefronts get filled.


  1. I'm surprised a rehab place would open up with no parking. Best O luck. It is a big clean space.

  2. Hard not to be leaery of these pain management business...especially in a place like Uptown. Crossing my fingers this one is legit.

  3. This will be the fourth location in the Chicago area for this pain and rehabilitation center. The owner was kind enough to meet with us to give an overview of the services offered by their medical team.