Friday, May 4, 2012

Be On TV Without Leaving Uptown

Yet another reason to enjoy the food and reasonable prices at Cousins Restaurant:

WGN's weekly show Chicago's Best will be featuring Cousins on its show about "Best Skillets" and they'll be filming Saturday and Monday mornings!  Come out over to Cousins (at 1463 W Leland) to be part of the show.

According to Cousins' Facebook page, the WGN crew will show up around 10am or 11am on Saturday to do some customer shots, and then again on Monday, after 9am, for some more filming.  "We welcome any and all of you to come and have some fun with us and possibly be in some of the shots for the feature they will be doing on us. We will let you know when out segment is to be aired as soon as we find out."

Take a look at Cousins' menu here and help 'em make Uptown proud.

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