Thursday, April 5, 2012

"Show Us Your ComEd Bill!" But Don't

A reader writes: "I never thought I would have to piggyback on the older posts about perps entering buildings unauthorized!  I live in the Buena Park neighborhood, and a young, white man gained entry into my building this afternoon around 320pm.

He asked to see a ComEd bill, flashed some kind of "badge" from ComEd, and then told me he didn't even need to see the most recent bill, just any bill, and moved to come into my apartment.  I told him to step back, and shut the door.

I then immediately called the building manager, who said they did not authorize their entry and were on their way. I have a lot of windows in my unit, so I peeked out them and saw there was NO ComEd truck/van in the utility area as well. I went back to the door, and the man was already halfway down the hall, and I told him the building manager could answer any questions he may have.

I called ComEd, and apparently it is true there are other companies out there surveying your ComEd rates and offering lower rates.  However, this man said he was from ComEd, and flashed some type of "badge."  The woman from ComEd stated they do NOT have representatives out in the field. 

I am a teacher, at home enjoying spring break.  I am just worried there are other people home in the afternoon, and you honestly are so caught off guard, you literally let your guard down.  I have no doubt after checking the facts there are people in the area casing apartments.  I just wanted to let you know so you can warn my other hard working neighbors."

Again, don't let anyone you don't know into your building.  And if you feel something is wrong, as this reader did, do not hesitate to call 911.


  1. This happened to me last year, only the guy said he was from the phone company. I ignored his request to "see my bill" etc.

  2. I live in Ravenswood and had someone approach me earlier this week as soon as I opened my garage door and starting pulling out into my alley. He ran up to my car and told me he was from ComEd and needed to check my meter. He then asked for entry into my back yard. I told him that if ComEd needs to check my meter, they can call me to set up an appointment. I then drove away slowly to make sure he walked out of the alley. I didn't see a ComEd car anywhere in the alley. Had I not read the stories being posted lately about people trying to gain access to home by saying they are from ComEd and such, I probably wouldn't have thought twice. I'm glad I didn't let him in. I just had a feeling something was off because he came out of nowhere and singled me out as soon as I exited my garage. I should have called the cops and will do so next time.