Monday, April 2, 2012

A Razón To Dine Out

In Buena Park Neighbors' latest newsletter, there's an informative and lengthy article about Razón, the new fine dining restaurant soon to open in Imperial Towers.  Soon to open, as in ... this month.
"Razón Opening in Buena Park. The wait is almost over at 4250 N. Marine Drive.  Chef and managing partner Nash Cvetkovski says his Razón restaurant will be opening its doors in the north building of Imperial Towers at the end of April.  The neighborhood will be very hungry by then, and Nash is excited about that.

Upscale dining is just what Buena Park has been missing, and Nash has every intention of filling the void with distinction.  First, by devoting his menu to local ingredients and producers--think artisanal Wisconsin cheese and fresh poultry from a family farm in Indiana.  Second, by adding a gourmet coffee shop and eatery fashioned after those 'tiny, elegant places you find on the streets of New York.'  And third, by making sure his restaurant meets high environmental standards, from the use of recycled construction materials to the disposal of wine corks.

Details matter to Nash, whose family has operated the Beograd meat market and café in Irving Park for the last three decades.  With Razón, he hopes to combine the casual and the upscale in a way that, as he puts it, 'follows your biorhythms' throughout the day."  Read the rest of the article here.
We look forward to welcoming Razón and will have more as we hear about it.

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  1. I for one am intrigued, Uptown is lacking in progressive upscale dining, with the best option to date (Ceres) all the way on Clark. I hope they aim high and deliver something special and unique to the neighborhood.