Friday, March 16, 2012

Surveying The Land

We've noticed lots of surveying activity on and around the the L tracks at Wilson. Surveyors were under the tracks this morning at Broadway and Leland and they seemed to be concentrating on our crumbling viaduct there. Let the work begin!


  1. As I can see Russia from my house...AND the El tracks too... they have been on top of the El tracks all week long with surveying equipment as well..yea!

  2. They told me they are going to start working soon on the station. I asked one of the surveyors.

  3. Do we have any solid plans yet? I remember seeing a rendering of like a wavy glassed canopy, but I thought that was just a concept, not an actual plan for the station.

  4. Here's what was mentioned at the last 46th Ward Town Hall meeting at Truman College:
    1) The Wilson Broadway Mall will be torn down toward the end of this year. The CTA's carpenter's workshop (the building that is directly west of Rokito's) is scheduled to be torn down as well. Details of what can be saved from the terra cotta of this building are not yet determined.
    2) Later this year, there will be public meetings to discuss the design of the station. We will post the dates of these meetings as soon as we hear them.
    3) There will be a major focus on preserving the Gerber Building, with the arch and clock also getting replaced. In this building, we hope to include an indoor market for fresh fruits, vegetables, etc.
    4) All of the current tracks over the Wilson Station will be removed and new tracks will be built over the site where the Wilson Broadway Mall is located. Where the tracks cross over N. Broadway at the intersection of Leland, none of the supports will be touching any part of the street. The crumbling supports will be a thing of the past.
    5) The vast amount of the deconstruction and construction of the Wilson L will take place in 2014, and there are no plans to shut down this station while it's getting rebuilt.
    6) The part of the platform that will extend south of Wilson Avenue will be completed in 2015.
    7) Details about the entrances and exits have not yet been decided. That will be part of the public planning process. Part of that decision is also driven by where the elevator and escalator can realistically be placed and that's not known yet.
    8) The Purple Line will make a stop at the Wilson L.
    9) The Lawrence L stop will experience a makeover in 2013, but details of the extent of this have not yet been made available.

    When the Ward Office knows more, we will release the information in a newsletter and the 46th Ward's website.

  5. Thanks for the Update McAldercritter.

    It was nice seeing you and Rahm at the Hilton with the Irish Prime Minister the other night. Now Richard and Rahm's wife don't need to see the photos I may have of the two of you elected officials with the four green clad, or formerly green clad, Hooters waitresses at my post dinner bash.

    Nope, those photos MAY never see the light of day if I get some no bid contracts. I'm thinking some consulting contracts because how do you quantify consulting anyway? Less likelihood of any nasty federal Mcinvestigation with that kind of contract.

    Yeah, I'd hate to see those photos hit Sneed's column. We all know how Rahmbo likes to control his image. Could be bad.

    I could Mcenvisage a whole series of photos being released one at a time over a period of weeks. Yeah, some of them would have to be blocked a bit or only displayed online with an "18 and over warning".

    Shocking what a few dozen pints of Guinness will make men do.

    Hell, McGingrich might even point to those photos as being the harbinger of the end of western civilization or something. He would know, now wouldn't he?

    Happy St. Pat's Weekend everyone.


    I'm serious about the McContracts. Tell 9.5 fingers tht he has till Wednesday before McHootersGate hits the media.

    As UU's "Wiseguy" might say:

    Ca Peach?

  6. Its good to hear the station won't close during construction, that would be messy.

    As far as saving the terracotta on the building next to Rokitos...

    I believe there is much more of it then meets the eye behind the sign that is behind the paneling above the windows, painted brown. The sign is a keeper for someone somewhere else, its one of those 40's or 50's vintage enamel numbers.

    Nothing too fancy by vintage terracotta standards but worth saving for character.

    Broadway is going to be a whole new vibe between Leland and Brdwy. with sunshine galore and no more forest of pillars. Quieter and more bike friendly too...YAY!

    I'll save/spare you my crazy ideas for the design later...but I got that is a beauty, I'll throw it Ald. James way 1st.

    Happy St. Patricks y'all says me!

  7. glad to hear about the Wilson El Rehab!!!!!

    Hopefully it will go from the crustiest EL stop to the best in the City!!!!