Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Shots Fired Tuesday Night

Well, we had a good run of three-plus months without having to post a "shots fired" post, but tonight there was gunfire near Sunnyside and Agatite, shortly before 7pm. According to posters on our Facebook page, a man dressed in black, wearing a red hat, fired multiple shots at a man wearing a long white t-shirt, then ran north and turned west onto Sunnyside. Police were on the scene quickly and remained there for several hours, blanketing the surrounding area.

No word on whether or not he was apprehended.

It's depressing to have the period of uninterrupted peace end. We are heartened by the fact that Uptown remained quiet during an unusually warm winter, without the nonstop gang-related activities that marked the first half of December. Surrounding communities had no such respite.

To find out more information and hear what the cops have to say, please consider attending your CAPS meeting for the area, which is tonight, at 7pm, in the Clarendon Park Fieldhouse (4501 N. Clarendon).


  1. My police friend tells me they all like to wear large white T-shirts because it makes it harder to identify them.

  2. Around 12:15am last night I also heard someone speaking via a squad car PA/bull horn. Couldn't make out what was being said, but enough to get me out of bed. Any info? I'm assuming it's related (heard from Leland/Sheridan)?

  3. I was walking down Sheridan towards Montrose when this took place.

    As I was walking down Sheridan there was a group of men that seemed to get into a scuffle. Then someone pulled out a gun and fired several shots. Three of them came in my direction. I felt wind from a bullet that almost grazed my head and the whistling made my ears ring. I ran around the corner to find a Chicago Police Office who was in the middle of a traffic stop. I banged on his window and told him the story. His reply, "I need to finish this traffic ticket. You will have to call 911." ........Wow.

    After calling 911, police finally came after 15-20 minutes. They questioned two men and searched the area for a long time before releasing the men they had in custody - one of which appears to be the man in the long t-shirt that was shot at.

  4. Alexander -- there was a lot of talk going on from the el last night. Conductors were making announcements from trains at the Wilson stop for most of the evening. I think that's what you heard. It was loud.

    UptownC -- you're the only one who says the police didn't show up for 15-20 minutes. Every other person who witnessed the shooting said the police were there immediately and stayed for hours. Perhaps the cop you encountered knew there was already a huge police response.

  5. What happened to the thread of comments on the Facebook page about this? An important part of having a public forum for residents of Uptown is so that people can quickly access and find information pertaining to current situations. If things get deleted, there is no point to using it as a resource for timely safety concerns. I liked being able to log on immediately after hearing gunshots in the neighborhood and find out if people have any information which could impact my decision to actually leave my house to run to the store or something that evening. An article posted so many hours after the fact does not serve the immediate safety needs of residents in this area.

  6. Yes, I would say police were there in about 5 minutes or so. I called 911 quickly after I heard the shots and by that time other calls had already come in according to the operator.

  7. Apparently the new Facebook timeline decides what appears. Go to the very top of the timeline, under the header. There's a box that is probably defaulted to "Highlights" - change it to "Posts by Others." If anyone knows how to override this feature so the most recent posts appear on the timeline, let us know.

  8. I figured it would start up there.
    Craig has a new blog in RP because of all the new shootings.

    Well the neighborhoods are improving but still have a ways to go.

  9. My husband and 2 year old were out walking (yeah, we're idiots), and there was a face-off over here on Racine south of Truman around 7pm. I take Blago over these neighbors any day!

  10. I dunno, turkeeemama, I heard somewhere that Blago was moving out of "Ravenswood Manor" and getting some new neighbors.

    At least I think I heard that - he's a quiet guy, shy really, not the type to broadcast his whereabouts.....

  11. Our esteemed former Gov Blago is now residing in the town of Littleton. It was his first choice.

    I've been there for work once, its kinda like every suburb. I didn't know there was a Penitentiary there, must be on the outskirts....

    No more press conferences folks or media high-jinx...its all while it lasted.

    @ Jeffo....Craig who?

  12. @Littleton.
    Why Craig Gernhardt ofcourse!
    The infamous former blogmaster of Broken Heart of Rogers Park

  13. Yes of course Jeffo, I just left a comment there. At least Craig has a sense of humor.

    I comment on RP because I know the place well, have friends up there. Plenty of artists dwell up there dontcha know.

  14. Good Littleton. :)
    Its good to have some cross neighborhood talk. Its not good for us to stay in the same neighborhood and to be too neighborhood centric.
    That would make us dull indeed!!!!

    Yes Craig is a funny guy.