Friday, March 23, 2012

Patio Open, New Specials at Cousins Restaurant

We heard from Jeff Lucas, one of the great waiters at Cousins Restaurant, Clark & Leland:
"Just a little note to let you know we opened the outdoor patio, probably why the flood is happening!
Plus, I just finished putting our new specials on our website
Looking forward to a good summer with the patio and many new friends thanks to Uptown Update and Uptown Business Partners."

UU Note: We checked out the website and there are some tasty new items listed like grilled swordfish, Greek chicken, and banana cheese pancakes. Yum.


  1. Just went to eat there last weekend and was delighted at how delicious it was! A great, hidden little spot that locals can enjoy. The fish tacos were fantastic!

  2. :) love the service there too!