Saturday, March 3, 2012

New Police District, New Commander

Oh, mannnnnn.  When the 23rd District merges with the 19th District and turns into the Town Hall 19th District on Monday, we will lose a great Commander.

According to Second City Cop, Cmdr. Kathy Boehmer will be moving to the position of Acting Executive Officer of the Area One Central Detective Bureau.

We're sure it's a great opportunity for her, but we will miss one of the most accessible and dedicated police commanders Uptown has had.

No word yet on who the commander of the new Town Hall 19th District will be.  We're guessing Cmdr. John Kenny, current 19th District Commander, will be moving into the new station. Guess we'll all know eventually.


  1. Just for clarification, Commander Boehmer is now an Acting "Executive Officer", and no longer a Commander. These are very different assignments and not really "a great opportunity for her". However, it's my understanding that Commander Boehmer may have been planning her retirement for some time now, and this is just the natural result. I would be anticipating her retirement soon, on her terms and schedule.

    While we will indeed miss Commander Boehmer, Commander John Kenny is an equally dedicated and competent leader. The fact that he already IS the commander of 019 and no replacement was made, it's safe to say he will remain the commander.

  2. More importantly, the new super- sized beats mean that citizens will wait even longer for Police service. And of course more chances for petty criminals to operate. I just hope the Tac teams can pick up some of the slack.