Tuesday, March 6, 2012

New Dawn For The Somerset?

Update: Joseph Trendl, president of the Carmen-Winona Block Club, writes in with an update:

"I spoke to the owners of Somerset. What I was told is that, with Spring coming, they didn’t like the way the boards looked; so they had some of the boards moved to the inside of the windows. They are in the final stages of the transferring the deed to their name. The day they get the title, the owners will be coming up to Chicago to discuss future plans with the Alderman and the neighborhood. They are very excited about Somerset."

A reader pointed out that some of the boards have been taken down from the closed Somerset Place at Argyle and Sheridan.  Could it be that the new owner is beginning to put its stamp on the place? 

Ald. Osterman's office said last June"It’s the alderman’s vision that we get viable commercial on the ground floor and residential above."

We look forward to seeing what happens next.


  1. Lets hope it is turned into a private residential complex and not a state owned building. You seen the results last time.

  2. Is it me or does it seem like, despite the economy's challenges, that Uptown has been welcoming a lot of new businesses since the Shilleristas withdrew and capitulated? :)

  3. Hey Wiseguy,

    Somerset was never a "State Owned Building." It was a for profit nursing home privately owned by a company who own many many more of them. The Department of Public Health however cancelled their ability to accept medicaid so they were forced to close. About 99% of the residents living there were doing so under medicaid.

    My point is that privately run facilities are not always such a great deal for the community surrounding them. However, I am way more optimistic with all the new alderman around watching the property more closely.

  4. @Wiseguy...the zoning change has prevented this from being another "nursing" home. For those that forget, the property was somewhat oddly purchased by smallish/mid-size property management company out of Indiana. Most of their properties are of the suburban/exurb sprawling apartment complex style and this was their first push into an urban market. That said, i'm not even sure if they're still owners.

    Unrelated, but the Horizon building just north, is looking great.

  5. I think the tide has turned. I have noticed there is actually HOPE. There has to be some HOPE that the powers that be are atleast on YOUR SIDE. If they arent then there is no HOPE that the neighborhood will improve.

    Anyways, I have noticed that Winthrop from Lawrence to Leland is looking awesome. I used to pickup trash there and its nice to see how nice it looks now. It was horrible.

    A new day is dawning in Uptown. It still will have troubles but it should be less so. Because people know that the Alderman is on everyone's side and is against gang violence.