Tuesday, March 13, 2012

? Marks The Spot

It's been ten months since news first hit that the restaurant "Reservoir" would be taking over the space at 844 West Montrose.

Last December, store owners in the area gossiped that the new rehab was gorgeous and expensive.

There are question marks on the door.  And the biggest one of all:  When will Reservoir open?  We look forward to it.


  1. This place was aiming to fill a niche that is badly needed not only in Uptown but on the northside in general. Hoping for the best.

  2. You can look inside.

    There is a long bar, that appears to be a reception table rather than bar height. Stone tiled floors, elegant leather seating, nice lighting and the floor plans sitting on the front desk.

    Lots of woodwork, distinctive looking, but not so large.

    Hard to imagine it as either a bar or restaurant. The height of the bar is peculiar.