Monday, March 12, 2012

Cherry-Picking The Ballots

A reader points out that someone selected about a quarter of the precincts in the 46th Ward to vote on a couple referanda in the March 20th election.  "Sure seems like somebody went to a lot of trouble to get these totally non-binding referenda on the ballots."

Well, what a surprise!  They're just about the same precincts that Couraj, or whatever they're calling themselves these days, picked in October 2008 to vote on another couple non-binding referanda!  Seems to us that if someone wants the results to be taken seriously, they'd arrange for them to be voted on by the whole ward.


  1. Ok, I wake up before heading out to O'Hare and I see this posted?

    The Counter Counter Revolution will not be televised!

    I think I will develop a non binding ballot referendum.

    The question:

    Should All TIF money be returned to the original taxing bodies or should it be given to the IrishPirate so he can waste it on various immoral and possibly illegal activities?

    COURAJ is like cockroaches, social conservatives, neo conservatives, The Westboro Church, members of the extended Daley family, Che Guevara worshipers, Stalin apologists and my first wife. No matter what you do they always seem to be lurking in the background waiting to annoy.

    Some of you with less developed senses of humor may want to add me to that list.


  2. I do believe that I will offer a ballot referendum asking if all homeless shelters should be licensed and limiting the amount of drug/alcohol rehab centers allowed in the 46th... and do it for the 3/4 of the precints Courass has chosen to ignore..and just so Courass understands, I am serious..if they are going to continue to make a mockery of democracy, I will allow people to truly have a voice... see you in 2014 Courass!

  3. I see a ballot causing lots of eyes to glaze over from financial terms way beyond what can be comprehended by many users of Link cards. Beyond that--housing is already subsidized, health care is already free for the target audience, and education is already free for them. And remember, Shiller was one of the people who pushed for having TIFs changed from supporting job-creating redevelopment to ALSO supporting "affordable housing" if our balloteers think that they'll get TIFs to support *only* "affordable housing" and more free social services, not only will they not get jobs, they will also not get any more TIFs because taxpayers will not support that kind of TIF.

    Uptown Superhero: let's do your referendum for the *entire* ward! I'll vote for it.

  4. Seems like a lot of wasted effort to get all of this on the ballet when it really does not mean anything. But then again I think a lot of "social activism" that takes place in Uptown is a poor use of energy and I am a Social Worker.

    Uptown Superhero I agree with your frustration, but the honest truth is that people who support Courage vote. That can not be said for the rest of Uptown on a regular basis. Very sad, but similar to Chicago as a whole. If even 65% of people voted a lot would be different I believe. But when you get 27%....

  5. What these douchebags don't understand is that capital goes where it is treated the best. It wouldn't work anyway.