Sunday, March 4, 2012

Berteau To Go Green?

According to Ald. Pawar's latest newsletter, which you can read here, he is considering turning Berteau (between Clark and Damen) into something pretty different for Chicago.

"We are studying the possibility of installing a Neighborhood Greenway on Berteau Ave from Clark Street to Damen Avenue.   This stretch of Berteau has a high volume of traffic safety complaints and intersects four existing recommended bike routes.  What's a Neighborhood Greenway?  It is a residential street where pedestrians, cyclists, and drivers can all share the road safely."

Read more about it and the community process here. What do you think? Is Chicago too much of a car town for it to work effectively?


  1. Yes we are too much of a car town and that is exactly why we need this.

    We should make Leland a "greenway" as well since it is the only side street with a clear shot to the lakefront more or less, and close to the commercial core of Uptown as well.

  2. If they want this to be successful, at least from a biking standpoint, it needs to be a much longer stretch to convince me to make a detour here. Six blocks is almost nothing, compared to taking Wilson which is considerably safe east/west street compared to Montrose, Lawrence, and Irving Park.

  3. both Jeff and Will are 100% correct. Cities built around cars is SSSOOOO 20th century thinking. I'm glad that we are evolving beyond such wasteful paradigms.