Sunday, March 25, 2012

Been Burgled? You May Get Your Stuff Back

From Clarendon Park Neighbors:

"I was at a District Advisory Committee meeting earlier this week at the 19th Police District (formerly the 23rd District -- at Addison and Halsted), and Commander John Kenny announced that officers recently recovered more than 3 large storage units full of stolen items, primarily stolen bikes and high-end strollers. The storage units also contained many unopened FedEx and UPS packages, presumably taken from the front steps of buildings.

If you have had a bike or stroller stolen, or never received a package from FedEx/UPS that you were expecting, you may want to get to the police station this week. The officers will have a room open with the recovered items and are hoping people can claim what is theirs. The police department room will be open this coming week, Monday 3/26- Friday 3/30 from 8am-5pm, and on Saturday 3/31 from 8am-12noon. Happy Hunting!"

UU Note:  You can read about the raid on the home and storage lockers here, where, in addition to the loot, police found garage door openers labeled with addresses.  The accused is a fence and cyber-stalker of cops.  Not a good guy.


  1. I would hope with the FedEx packages that they could get in touch with the recipient or at least get FedEx involved again. Unless I'm missing something...

  2. I agree with the comment about FedeX Packages. The police have the serial number of my bicycle, shouldn't they contact me? I assume they input serial numbers into their system to try to reunite bicycles with their owners. No? If not, why not?