Friday, February 24, 2012

Verrrrrry Interesting

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Okie-dokie, we're getting more information about the specifics of the merger of Police Districts 19 and 23Now, bear in mind that this map is "proposed" and dated as of last December.  It may have changed by now.  But this is what was on the table two months ago.
  • As of March 4th, the 23rd District will be known as the Town Hall 19th District.
  • Beat 2311 will now be called Beat 1913.  Its borders remain unchanged.
  • Beats 2312 and 2313 are merging, into new Beat 1914.
  • Beat 2322 will merge with the half of Beat 2323 that is north of Irving Park, creating new Beat 1915.
This is what we hear from the reader who sent us the map:
Here is a "proposed" map of the new 19th District.  I'm not happy about the city doing this. Hopefully the beat guys stay close to the beat and don't wander too far west which is not technically against the rules.

Believe me, people don't always make room for police vehicles responding to emergencies. It's not always easy to go fast to high priority calls when drivers are oblivious to the world around them.

"Pull to the Right for Sirens and Lights" needs to be heeded more so than ever with these new larger districts."

The beats for all of the new Town Hall 19th District are below.
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  1. What I find Verrrrrry Interesting is the fact that mine is the 1st comment here. You all realize, of course, that the Mayor is taking away your police officers, right?

    When they say they are taking Beats 2312 and 2313 and are merging them into new Beat 1914, you know that there is NO INTENTION of doubling the officers to cover Beat 1914. In other words, HALF the police coverage will be available for the new beat.

    This is WHY the mayor has no problem taking away your police officers... because there is NO OUTRAGE!

    Soon, while the 019th and 023rd District officers are fighting to lower crime in Englewood, I guess you'll proudly say that although you're becoming victimized more regularly, you're happy to share the pain and march with Cease Fire.

    Everyone will be saddled with the crime that they are willing to quietly accept on their block. I hope everyone will be comfortable with their outcome, because by then, it will be too late to whine about it.

  2. @CoS

    First. I don't understand the Ceasefire reference in this context.

    Second. It is the 50 ward Chicago Police Department and not your personal security force. What happens in Englewood doesn't always stay in Englewood, right?

    So they are moving the police officers to where the crime radical.

    We have a new police chief and he has a new strategy so kindly allow your majical crystal ball a rest and give it a chance O outraged one.

    I didn't comment on this post,no "outrage", I would have rather commented on the Peregrine falcons and their magnificence.

  3. Here's the new strategy...

    Homicides up more than 50 percent in January

    Homicides in Chicago have risen sharply so far in January compared with a year earlier, continuing a trend that began over the last few months of 2011, police records show.


    Sunday was deadliest day of 2012
    By Tracy Swartz posted Feb. 22, 2012 at 12:00 a.m.

    Six men were shot to death in Chicago on Sunday, making it the deadliest day of the year, a RedEye analysis of preliminary police data found.


    Perhaps when the killers from Englewood start shooting at the peregrine's here in Uptown, instead of our neighbors, people will notice.

  4. This is the sound of citizens being screwed out of Police protection. Get used to it with the current administration in city hall.

  5. Pepperspraycommando, don't waste your breath. These people are not smart enough to realize that they are being taken by the very guy they elected. Then again maybe they do. If they think the response time is slow now, just wait until this goes through,lol

  6. This would be funny if it were not so sad...

    As of 1 PM this afternoon, the front offices of the 019th District at Belmont and Western and the 023rd District still have not been informed who will be the District Commander of the newly merged 019th District that becomes functional at midnight Saturday night, 03 Mar 2012. Subsequently, no one knows which officers will be filling administrative spots in the front office.

    Imagine what a nightmare these officers will be facing 8 or 10 weeks from now as 10s of THOUSANDS of protesters begin arriving to grab the attention of the world at the G8/NATO summits. I hope the mayor and police brass can figure out how things work before then!