Friday, February 10, 2012

Uptown Woman Dies In Ukrainian Village Restaurant Robbery

Some very sad news today. Uptown resident Lyn Ward, who lived in the Sheridan Park Apartments on the 4500 block of Magnolia, passed away today from injuries suffered when the Subway sandwich shop where she worked was robbed yesterday evening.  Details about the story are here, and the ABC7 report is above.  WGN News released her name on its noon report.  Our deepest sympathies go to those who knew and loved Ms. Ward.


  1. This is sad news. Condolences to the family.

  2. Unbelievably sad. I just don't understand how the brains of these sub-human pieces of garbage work.
    I wonder if this is even on the mind of the murderer today. Probably highly unlikely.

  3. Why is it so often the best are taken out by the worst? Here was a low wage worker who gave money to homeless people and was in all respects a warm, generous, decent person.

    I don't know her, but the world will miss her.

    Our working poor, our true forgotten class, are the chief victims of our criminal class, both violent criminals and "white collar" criminals. These people work very hard for very little and lead decent, quiet, honest lives. Let's give them a little help and clean the criminal scum off the streets. Restore the DP for crimes like this and start sending hardened cons up for major time for vicious crimes, instead of turning them back onto the streets after laughably light sentences.

  4. Too bad. You have to be alert in the streets, your home and now even in your place of employment. Cameras do little good to protect you from being shot. If you have a little heat tucked under your belt that would give you a fighting chance against these crimes that keep getting worse by the day. Your in dnager no matter where you venture.

  5. Conceal and carry laws can't come soon enough...

    If this were my mother/aunt/grandmother God help the p.o.s that thinks he's thug enough to walk around armed and robbing people.

    Only a grim reminder that life is fragile only THIS moment has any meaning. Stop road raging, being an asshole to total strangers, yelling at people who are just trying to do their job and get through life, giving yourself status because of your income level, being petty etc etc..

    Let people go in front of you, be kind, smile, say hello, volunteer, appreciate nature... our compassion towards one another is the ONLY thing that carries worth in this world, all else is temporary and illusory. Take not a single moment for granted.

  6. Wiseguy, guns are not the answer. Chicago has made guns illegal for a reason. We need more jobs.