Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Uptown Historical Valentine's Trivia

Jun Fujita, who was employed as a Chicago Daily News Photojournalist, “was the only photographer to photograph the Chicago St. Valentine’s Day massacre and was known by Al Capone.” (St. Valentine’s Day Massacre photo (graphic violence),  Al Capone photo)  For a time, he was the only Japanese news photographer in the country.

Jun Fujita was also “a silent film actor at the old Essanay Studios Chicago and worked his way up from minor roles to later star in a two reel movie in 1915 called Otherwise Bill Harrison, before the movie industry moved from Chicago to Hollywood.”

“Jun Fujita's contribution to American society was recognized by the United States Government by an act of Congress. Then Senator from Illinois, James Hamilton Lewis, introduced a Senate Bill which was passed granting Fujita honorary American citizenship at a time when Asians were denied American citizenship by naturalization due to their race.”

“Fujita was cremated and his remains were interned in an unknown plot in Chicago's famous Graceland Cemetery, probably in the Japanese section.” Link to quotes above.

Thank you to David Stratis for the above.  You can also read about Uptown's connection with the St. Valentine's Day Massacre here.

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