Sunday, February 26, 2012

McJunkin Building Corner Restaurant Space Now $125,000

You heard that right. We posted the listing for 4570 N. Broadway back in 2009 when we first came across the restaurant space for $325,000 and that includes a liquor license. The price has now dropped $200,000 and as one of our commenters mentioned, it has room for a patio. A nice restaurant would certainly help revitalize that stretch of Broadway and the foot traffic from Target would be great for any business. Do you know any restauranteurs looking for a space with great potential? Forward them this link.


  1. This is among the most KEY locations in Uptown. It would be awesome to have a MAYNE STAGE (RP) level outfit here. Because Broadway and Sheridan is the Heart of Uptown.

  2. Liquor licenses don't transfer with a business, but are assigned to the individual owner upon application which can take a long time. Not sure how this is advertised with a liquor license until a new owner qualifies, unless this is only a comment that the zoning is complete.

  3. It is easier to transfer the license if there is a) and existing license and b) you buy the business with the license.

    Otherwise the process is longer and more hoops to jump through.

    Even harder if the location didn't not ever have a liquor license.

  4. Good and busy location for a Golden Nugget Restaurent type business. Plenty of walking traffic and a future new train station. I am sure they would do a great business.