Monday, February 20, 2012

Graceland Wilson Neighbors General Meeting & Board Elections

If you live in the area surrounded by Broadway, Malden, Montrose and Wilson, mark your calendars:

"You’re invited to participate in the Graceland Wilson Neighbors general meeting & board elections.  The following people have expressed an interest in serving on the board. If you’re interested in serving on the board and have been a GWNA member for at least six months, please send your name and bit of background on your area of interest to Max Reising,  All residents living within the GWNA boundaries (Montrose to Wilson, Malden to Broadway) are welcome.

Potential Board for Elections:
  • Chris Korn, President
  • Carolyn Lewis, VP-1 (Truman College)
  • Katharine Boyda, VP-2 (Communications & PR)
  • Max Reising, Treasurer
  • Secretary, Open
Committee Chairs also serve as board members:
  • Julie Emerick, Community Gardens
  • Dean Winn, Transportation & Wilson El Station Renovation
  • Pat Reuter, Communications & PR
  • Aleasa Green, Family & Kids
  • Public Parks & Spaces, Open
  • Public Safety, Open
NOTE: We’re also looking for someone slightly tech-savvy to help run the blog and newsletter (it pretty much runs on its own via hosted WordPress and Mailchimp, so anyone who even barely knows what those two things are is qualified). If you’re interested, please email

WHEN: Thursday, March 8 from 7:00-8:15PM

WHERE: TBD (we’ll send out a reminder notice when we have the location nailed down).

See you there!"  You can read more about GWNA here.

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