Friday, February 10, 2012

Don't Want A Great Business In Your Neighborhood?
Send It Uptown

Seems the legendary reggae bar The Wild Hare is encountering some neighborhood opposition regarding its proposed re-opening in Lincoln Park, as told in Redeye, here.  A reader sent us this article and says:
"Can we ask LP to direct the Wild Hare north, where we will accept it with open arms? Jeez, we are begging for business here, and this reggae spot would be PERFECT in our 'entertainment district'."

We've got plenty of empty retail space and will happily take any legendary business that's not "good enough" for Lincoln Park.  (Kind of reminds us how Uptown became home to the series Starting Over because the Gold Coast didn't want "those kind of people" in their neighborhood.  So they took over a mansion in Uptown instead, giving Uptown a year of priceless daily exposure on national TV.)


  1. Sure send them up North to Uptown and with all the problems they did on Clark Street. The residents I know did not have many good things to say about this place. If you like the Reggae scene well here is the place to be. I would welcome all businesses to fill our empty buildings. In this case I feel we don`t need any more problems then we already have in our neighborhood specially from one that is associated with many.

  2. Its been a while but the Wild Hare was one cool spot! The reggae crowd is as non-violent as the Jazz crowd, maybe a bit more lively...

    I would love to see them up here!

    Maybe a good spot would be in the Uptown-Broadway building?

    A little off topic...but does anyone know if the kinetic Playground is closed? Its been quiet and looks all disheveled inside...

  3. Wiseguy, of my many trips to Wrigleyville, the Wild Hare was one of the few places I could/would frequent that was not filled with out of control drunk frat boy's looking for a fight or what have you. That place was a great bar.

    But, since you seem to know more about this bar than I do, can you cite what the problems are with this bar "that is associated with so many?"

  4. ChiTown Philly here is just one example of what then people I know in the area wrote about this business....
    Their opponents do not agree. "There have been noise complaints about the Wild Hare almost since the new owners took over," says Terri Hanley, president of Hawthorne Neighbors, a local community group. "They are not the only bar in the area that is loud. But they are one of the few that remain noisy even after we ask them to turn down the sound."

    To prove her point, Hanley notes that more than 100 residents signed a petition protesting the club's 1990 expansion. Gapinski contends that the club relies on loud music to attract patrons. "They throw open music to the street and hope that people will hear it and come in," says Gapinski. "It's like selling popcorn by opening your window and letting the smell attract customers."

    Gapinski adds that the loud music encourages loitering. "People can hear the music from the street, so why come in and pay the cover?" says Gapinski. "In the summer residents are afraid to even go into their homes because they have Wild Hare patrons sitting on their porches drinking. There was one woman who was scared to death because she couldn't get into her house. She had to call the police. I've had people use my lawn chair and sit on my porch. One neighbor caught a guy defecating in his backyard. How do I know these are Wild Hare patrons? Because they were Rastafarians. That doesn't make me a racist to say that. It's upsetting that I even have to defend myself against that charge. Many of the Rastafarians who go to the Wild Hare are very nice, very cordial, probably the most well mannered of all the people who use the Clark Street clubs. But others are not so nice."

  5. @Wiseguy: Where are the quotes from? I, for one, would like to see the entire piece, and it's apparently not in UU. For all we know, it could be from a Rush Limbaugh transcript!

  6. That is the best you can do Wiseguy...a neighbor complaint from 22 years ago?

    I think most people in uptown want a music district and know that might

    So lighten up.....


  8. From the article "Yet Hanley doesn't live in the immediate area, and Gapinski remains one of the only neighbors publicly pressing the case against the club. Gapinski says most of his neighbors support him, but he has agreed to protect their identity."

    Suuuure, protect their identity? Doesn't even live in the immediate area?

    Noise complaints from neighbors of Clark St, near Wrigley Field....

    This is actually funny, so in this case, it really is a joke. LOL.

  9. I have seen so many fights, once even with two men who spilled out of the wild hare going at it with knives. Don't be ignorant no one is being racist they are stating facts about a problem causing club. Stop being the reader who has to question everyone's thoughts and motives, it's a cool idea for a business but it attracts trouble. Why isn't it still in wrigley ville ?? Because to many PROBLEMS. This is from some one who has spent many many many nights around there, I'm speaking from first hand experience not from googling info about it like some folks... You have to get out in the field to make educated, intelligent, statements not unfounded accusations thinking people are lying about a problem causing facility because you think regae music is cool.