Saturday, February 11, 2012

Court Advocates Report

We heard from the 23rd District Court Advocates about some recent cases they've been following:
  • "On June 3, 2011, you posted about a shooting that happened on Sheridan just north of Windsor.  It happened just before 11am and you said that both the gun and suspect had been found by the police shortly after the shooting happened.  The shooter was Johnathan Bradbury, a Gangster Disciple, and he was taken into custody after witnesses described him to the police.

    His case came up early this year, and court advocates from the 20th and 23rd Districts began following the case.  Two men (who the police commander said were also gang members) were hit by him shooting at them at 4535 North Sheridan, and both survived.  He was charged with two counts:  Aggravated Battery with a Firearm and Aggravated Discharge of a Firearm.

    We expected the trial to go on for a while (as they do), but there must have been compelling evidence against him, because this week Johnathan Bradbury pleaded guilty to both charges.  He received a sentence of 11 years, for which he must serve 85% (9.35 years) for the count of Aggravated Battery; and 7 years, for which he must serve 50%, for Aggravated Discharge.  The sentences will run concurrently, and he will be on probation (3 years and 2 years, respectively) after his release.  With time served, he shouldn't be back on the streets until autumn of 2020.

    Two additional facts:  (1) Johnathan Bradbury is only 17 years old; and (2) in August 2011, his brother Nicholas Bradbury, age 21, was sentenced to seven years for Possession of a Firearm by a Gang Member.  Both brothers -- even at their young ages -- have extensive arrests.  Both cases were tried by States Attorneys from the Northside Community Justice Center, and we are lucky to have them working on local cases.

  • Another case I thought your readers might be interested in: You posted about a burglary from a building on Agatite last November where someone had gotten inside and stolen two bikes.  The cops were on top of it and found the guy a couple blocks away with the bikes.

    Well, that turned out to be someone you've posted about before, Michael Greenstreet.  He'd just gotten out of prison a couple months earlier from another residential burglary in Uptown when he stole the bikes on Agatite.  So now he's back behind bars, sentenced to six years.  This was his tenth conviction of burglary.  He used to give his address as the REST Shelter, but his address is The Illinois Penal System for the next few years."
Good job by the States Attorneys and police to get these guys off the streets.  It's a nice follow-up to see what happens after the yellow crime scene tape comes down.  Good job, all!


  1. Thank you to the court advocates for keeping us informed and representing the area. This is great news.

  2. Is it just me, or are we seeing a LOT more captures/convictions of these gangbanger douchebags (GBD) since February of last year (give or take)?

    Either way, a big ol' thank you to the court advocates.

  3. It's amazing what can happen when the GBD's aren't being protected anymore by someone in city government.