Thursday, February 16, 2012

Beat 2313 -- Take A Look At Those Stats!

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Wow.  Our minds are officially blown.  A reader writes in with this great piece of news:  "I was curious about something, so I went to the CLEARmap page on the CPD website. I think it's worth noting that for the past three months, Beat 2313 [bordered by Montrose, Wilson, Broadway and the lake] has almost the lowest crime of all the beats in the entire city.  277 out of 285 beats.  Don't believe it?  See for yourself."

Good news indeed!


  1. Wow. Crime in the rest of the City must be out of control then!!

  2. Police Chief McCarthy was talking about these maps on WBEZ today. It was a good interview overall, it can be heard at this link...go to hour two:

    This is from the ne "Afternoon Show" on the station.

    Tomorrow da Mayor Rahm is on.

  3. While this is clearly happy news I wouldn't put too much credence in it continuing at this low level. Remember just two months ago the counter counter revolutionaries over at JPUSA world HQ on Wilson were flooding the Facebook page with suggestions that the crime was out of control. Who did they blame? Why their archnemesis and former social worker James Cappleman.

    I just looked through some of the comments from that period:

    The end is nigh!

    It's worse than ever!

    Bring back Shiller!

    Curse you, Hogan!

    Wascilly Wabbitt!

    Now with a goodly number of the badly gang members in jail awaiting trial or prison perhaps this period of relative peace will last. I hope so.

    In any case I don't think we'll be seeing any stories in Chicago Magazine about Cappleman or any of his associates heading off to the local Police District stations to help out any bangers sitting in a holding cell. That's an improvement over the last alderman.

    Now since I don't place much credence in this happy period lasting you may ask what do I put credence in?

    Here ya go!

  4. Nice write up Pirate. There was an organized effort a few months back to disrupt and paint James in a bad light. Uptown Update showed more patients that I would have on their Facebook page.

    I don't want to jinx things, but you know what I haven't heard in Sheridan Park in the last few months? Gun Fire. While I do see the occasional gathering of P Stones for the most part they have been dormant. The walk down Sunnyside to Target has been safe even at night. Knock on wood.

    Will it last? I don't know, but after ten years in Uptown I will take the little victories and the brief periods of peace over the chaos. Fingers crossed!

  5. "..There's a bathroom on the right..."

  6. Figures lie.

    One of the biggest drawbacks to occur when there are fewer police officers on patrol, is that there are fewer crimes that are RECORDED, NOT FEWER CRIMES COMMITTED.

    As calls for police service go unanswered for 30 minutes to an hour, to two hours or more, due to backlogs and officers responding to "in-progress calls" rather than just to take a report, fewer and fewer victims bother waiting around to report their incident. The longer we have to wait to report a crime, the more reasons we can come up with why it isn't REALLY necessary to report it, and why the other plans we had are more important than just sitting there waiting for the police!

    Unfortunately, these long waits also tend to make victims believe that the police "don't really care, anyway", which makes people even more likely to just chalk it up to living in the big city, and to leave the area and not make the report.

    It's Rahm Emanuel's Smoke and Mirrors crime fighting strategy... Making crime LOOK LIKE it is dropping when it is actually on the rise. Fortunately, most of us out here are much too smart to fall for this little trick!

  7. Umm, now take a look at the beat directly to the west and you will see it is 4th in the entire city! Looks like the police presence has moved there or the problems have mostly migrated west.

    In my experience, statistics don't always paint the clearest picture.

  8. Actually that is incorrect, 0ce... – the beat to the west (2311) is ranked 200th worst in the city out of 285. Uptown overall is not bad city wide, although we may consider it bad in our northside bubble.
    Uptown Beat (Ranking of 285)
    2033 (256)
    2024 (246)
    2311 (200)
    2312 (278)
    2322 (240)
    2323 (160)
    I'm not sure why anyone would believe these numbers lie. You must remember, however, that the data is just the last 3 months and only represents reported crimes.